Grille Guards For Trucks And Cars: Are Grille Guards Really Safe for Car And Trucks


Who doesn’t love his/her car, everyone wants to keep their car safe and look fantastic. But sometimes even though you are driving safely there causes incidents like damaging the front side of the car or scratch or headlight breakings and so on. So what can we do to protect the most vital part of our car which is the front end side, safe from any possible breakage or looses? Do you have any idea?

Yes, exactly you are guessing the right one. Only a grille guard can rescue us from this high risk of losing the beauty and glamour of our car. A grill guard is a full package of protection made of a standard mixture of high quality tested aluminium, alloys, polyethene or polycarbonate. Grill guard comes with a shape just like a cage and it has to install in the front end part of the vehicle.

Grille guard has several names in many countries. For instance, it is known as moose bumpers in Canada, Australians call it to nudge bars, roo bars, push bars and in the USA people know it as cattle pushers, deer guards, brush guards and so on. The cause behind these types of names is, the natives use Grille Guard to save their vehicle from the wild animals like deer, moose, bulls or kangaroos as they love to jump out and destroy the front part of the vehicle. Sounds funny, right? But in the wild environment, it’s pretty common.

Different Types Of Grille Guards Trucks And Cars 

For Car Grille Guard We have different types of grille guard for different type of vehicles and as the vehicles are different with their different size that’s how we have different sizes of grill guard.

below Are different types og grille guard we have and their names.

Grille Guards For Trucks

grille for trucks is available for any type of truck so you can have things like:

  • Grille Guards for ford f150
  • Grille Guard for toyota tundra
  • Grille Guard for nissan frontier
  • Grille Guards for dodge ram 1500
  • Grille Guard for ford ranger
  • Grille Guards for semi trucks
  • Grille Guards for chevy trucks
  • Grille Guard for chevy express van

Grille Guards For SUVs And Cars

grille for SUV And Cars is available for any type of truck so you can have things like:

  • grille guards for jeep wrangler
  • grille guard for toyota 4runner
  • grille guard for toyota 4runner
  • grille guard for cars

Now the question arose- are the grille guards really worth it and is it really safe?

Actually, grill guards are not out of controversy. Many people question it because in a report it is found that grille guards causes hamper to others. Research from the UK discovered that in Europe around 18 thousand people were injured and 2 thousand people were killed by the grille guard installed vehicles. Grille guards are found risky for pedestrians. European Union Directive has announced regulations, in late 200s in terms of grille guard usage.

Another matter of concern is, actually, a grille guard can’t guarantee you full protection from moose. Since they are very massive in nature. A grille guard installation relief you from serious damages but still your vehicle gets smashed little or large.

Whatever, you can still have a grille guard and use it according to the safety issues. You can follow these rules-

  • Do not use grille guard in urban places and crowded roads.
  • If you choose to use it, then go for some stylish and less weight.
  • Since it is not so easy to mount down and on in a vehicle, categorize which vehicles according to urban use and off-road use.
  • Choose quality grille guard and don’t run after the cheap one.

Costs of Grill Guard: Generally grille guard stuff starts with $200 and the cheaper ones are not trustable. But according to coverage (full/medium) price varies. A full-coverage guard genuinely starts from $500 and the price goes higher in terms of quality and guarantee.


So to sum up, grille guards are great to protect your car from the head-up done by the other vehicles and wild animals. But as a conscious citizen, you should always use it following the safety protocols.

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