5 Reasons to Hire Professionals to Build Your Deck

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For those that are looking to build a deck onto your home, you’re probably imagining all the great things that will take place on your new little addition. It could be a big part of your overall outdoor renovation.

Your mind thinks of the summer barbeques, the family get-togethers, or even those calm Saturday mornings where you can sit on your deck to sunbathe or read a book.

When adding anything onto your house, there are plenty of things that need to be considered and if you aren’t an expert DIYer, plenty of mistakes that can be made.

Many people wisely choose to go with professionals, like the top Kansas City deck builders to complete their project. Below, we’re going to list some of the most important reasons you should hire professionals to complete your deck.

Permits and Codes to Follow

For those that have ever had to deal with small government, you know that sometimes the wheel turns quite slow. So slow, in fact, that you’re worried if you’ll still be alive when your application or forms become approved.

When adding on anything to your house, there are always certain building codes to follow and permits to apply for.

For example, in many states, they have a maximum amount of space that can go within the rails on any outdoor railing. That is something that can easily be overlooked if you’re trying to do it yourself.

Having a professional company take care of that for you is going to ease a lot of your stress while taking away a lot of worry.

They’ll choose the Right Materials

While wood is often the most popular choice amongst deck builders, there are plenty of other materials out there that may be better suited for your deck.

The most popular wood out there is redwood and cedar which are strong and durable woods. Next up on the list are ipe and jarrah which cost more but are a bit more elegant looking and tend to last longer.

Lastly, there are composite decks made of a combination of plastic and wood along with vinyl decks. While they don’t look as nice as wooden decks, they’re essentially maintenance-free and cheaper overall.

Foundation Work is Difficult

The most important part of any house is the foundation. When it starts to show cracks or wear and tear, you know something is wrong.

The same applies to your deck. Decks are built on footing piers and this digging process needs to be taken very seriously. It can be quite time-consuming and difficult if you don’t have the right tools or run into hard ground behind your home. Some times these need to be up to 10 feet deep.

Free-standing decks are going to sway and shift over time and are more susceptible to weather effects and built-up moisture. If you’re planning on enjoying your deck for years to come, then it’s best to hire a professional who can take care of these piers for you.

Ledger Boards

Many deck collapses can be attributed to poor deck separation from the house. Oftentimes, this is overlooked by people trying to build their deck themselves and can be a costly mistake down the line.

Also, the easiest choice is to bolt your deck to stucco or brick but unfortunately, that’s a violation of building codes.

Professional deck builders are going to know how to attach your deck and ledger boards. Ledger boards also play a key role in keeping out any moisture or rainwater from entering your house.

They’ll Add the Correct Safety Features

Your deck is going to need to have handrails and safety rails around the edges, not just for the aesthetic appeal but also because that’s what building codes require.

Stairs are also going to be installed and they will need their own sort of safety features to help people going up and down. Many times, people building decks by themselves skimp out on these features because they’re not as “important” as the deck itself.

It’s a big mistake to make but by hiring professional builders, you can rest assured knowing that they’re doing to be making your deck as safe as possible for everyone there.

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