Reasons why WordPress is the perfect match for Startups

You are thinking about your own startup so seriously that you are pondering a platform to build the website. Quite possibly, you’re already looking for a development company to realize these plans. In that case, you are, for sure, familiar with some specific jargon accepted among startup creators and investors.

In particular, you probably know that startups valued at $1 billion or more are called unicorns. You may have heard that in the second quarter of 2021 alone, 136 unicorns appeared in the world (Willis Towers Watson’s report). Thus, a new world record was set. After all, this is as much as 94% more when comparing this figure with the same period last year. Now you understand that the coronavirus pandemic has not reduced the amount of money in the world. But investors’ priorities have changed significantly. Startups are at the forefront of the trend today. So who knows, maybe your startup will mark a new record for this year?

However, in this connection, it will be appropriate to mention one more figure. 90% of startups disappear in less than a year. One of the reasons for such a failure: they did not listen to the advice of experienced experts from custom development services and could not present themselves properly.

Dressed to kill

Most likely, you only have an idea for now. An idea that’s probably worth a billion dollars or more. You have a little time until investors are lining up in front of your garage, taking checkbooks out of your pocket. Use this break and decide who exactly will become your outsource partner and help you create a website that will immediately make it clear to everyone how serious your intentions are and how promising your idea is.

Most likely, if it is really a professional WordPress programming company, then it has its own staff of WordPress development experts, who will implement any ideas on design and functionality and will quickly eliminate unexpected errors. That’s why, for example.

  • Every minute on the Internet, 2 million people view some content. $1.6 million is spent every minute in online stores. In this incessant stream, it is on WordPress that 27 new posts and 198 comments are created every second. In a month, this turns into 70/77 million, respectively.
  • 64.1% of sites using a content management system are powered by WordPress. That is, this platform has been holding first place in the world for several years.
  • In absolute terms, in 2020, there were 189 million websites on the entire world Internet. More than 75 million of them use WordPress programming.
  • According to Google, nearly three billion searches are entered each month for WordPress-related content.
  • It is important to note a curious trend. While the closest competitors of WordPress, primarily Joomla and Drupal, are losing ground catastrophically each year, WordPress has shown steady growth, increasing its already huge market share by about 4 percent every year.

When you start a startup, you expect to be successful, right? So it’s time to pay attention to the choice of champions.


The secret of success

Obviously, there are practical reasons for the high popularity of WordPress and the consistently high demand for the services of WordPress specialists. Let’s dwell on some of them.

  • Virtually all significant sites such as BBC America, Facebook Newsroom, Venturebeat, and hundreds of thousands of others use WordPress.
  • WordPress is almost a universal solution for sites of any kind. For example, using his WooCommerce plugin alone, more than 28% of the world’s online stores have been created. The number of downloads for this plugin has long exceeded 50 million.
  • One of the secrets of WordPress’s versatility lies in the flexibility of its user interface design approach. Using only the free plugins from his library, you can create a top-class website. By the way, the number of WordPress plugins currently stands at 57,655, and this number is increasing daily.
  • Since WordPress is the leading platform on the World Wide Web, the community of developers using its capabilities is verily limitless. This means that you can get an answer to any question about setting up a site or choosing the right plugin 24/7.
  • The worldwide popularity of WordPress has forced Google to rethink its SEO algorithms seriously. Today, Google searches heavily focus on the architecture and internal solutions of WordPress. In addition, regularly released WordPress plugin updates allow you to constantly increase your site’s rankings in search results.

Algorithm for victory

The list of prominent and not so obvious benefits of WordPress is virtually endless. However, the secret to a good story is to stop before the listener or reader gets bored. Therefore, let’s move on to the conclusions.

Basically, WordPress, with all its plugins, is a bit of a Lego builder. Even without programming skills and without knowing what code is, you can easily create a business card site or open a blog on your own.

However, if you are aiming for a vivid and convincing presentation of your project, you definitely need to turn to the help of WordPress development experts provided by Qarea company.

By combining your ideas with their experience and practical skills, you will undoubtedly achieve exactly the result that you aimed for from the very beginning.

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