4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Dismiss Boomerang Employees

The pandemic caused many individuals to make some significant changes. For some, this meant uprooting their life and moving to a new city. For others, it meant pursuing a relationship further or breaking ties with a partner. And many people decided it was the time to leave their current job.

The Great Resignation was a time when many believed the grass was greener on the other side. Working from home had its perks, and companies that mandated a return to office policy saw people find jobs elsewhere. Some believed they were being underpaid and sought jobs that provided a better pay and benefits package. However, despite these initial feelings, many are wishing they had stayed with their former employer.

There used to be a stigma against boomerang employees, or those that leave a company only to return to it. People wrongly believed that these individuals were only able to “make it” at this one company, which is why they likely returned. However, this simply is not the case. Dismissing boomerang employees may actually hurt your business’ success. Keep reading to discover four reasons why you shouldn’t automatically reject boomerang employees.

1. The Onboarding Process is Quicker

If you need to hire quickly, then a boomerang employee may be your best bet. They already have a lay of the land. This means onboarding and training is going to be easier than it would be for a brand new employee. They know what the job entails and what the company requires of their employees. While there may be some process changes, they can usually adjust more seamlessly than someone new.

When it comes to more niche, in-demand positions, you may have a harder time finding someone with the right qualifications. Let’s say you are in need of a skilled engineer and are having difficulty filling the role. You could work with an engineering staffing agency to find someone new, but you could also reach out to your connections. You can ask if any former employees are looking for work. Someone who is unsatisfied at their current job may decide now is the time to return.

2. They Bring a Fresh Perspective

A huge benefit of hiring a boomerang employee is that they are coming in with a fresh perspective. After they left your company, they gained experiences that will better equip them for their return. Some may have left for similar brands and could have learned beneficial transferable skills. Others may have tried something completely new only to recognize they missed their old job. No matter the case, it’s important to recognize and value their new POV.

Alongside this, you may find they are even more committed and dedicated to their job. Many companies oversell and overpromise what they can actually give their employees. If someone left and discovered this, they are going to be pleased to land a spot back at their former company. During the interview process, ask them what they learned during their time away and how it will help them and the company.

3. They Already Have a Great Reputation

Boomerang employees have an extra advantage in that there are current employees that can brag about them. While new hires can boast about their skills, it’s hard to know what they can really do until they’re hired. With ex-employees, you can ask around and see what others remember about the individual. Additionally, you may have prior reviews on file about the individual as well as data about promotions and bonuses.

With this information, you can make a sound judgment about their reputation. If you’re a recruiter, ask the interested individual themselves who at the company you can talk to about them. This can be beneficial if you don’t know the individual or didn’t have any overlapping time at the company.

4. It Reflects Well on The Company

Someone that wants to return reflects well on your company as a whole. To put it plainly, it means that other places aren’t as good to work for as your company. It’s a positive sign in a demanding job hunting world. It’s also a signal to current employees that everything isn’t always better at other places, and it may be worth sticking around.

When a boomerang employee is rehired, make sure they have the chance to tell their side of the story. Depending on the size of the company or team, this could look like a message in a specific Slack channel or an email. Give the individual the space to share why they are coming back and what excites them about returning. Doing so will make them feel more comfortable about returning.


Hiring a boomerang employee has many benefits, especially in today’s world, where employees are demanding more from their places of work. While there was a stigma about former employees returning, that mindset has largely gone out the window. Remember, at the end of the day, you’re looking for the best candidate. Whether that is someone new or someone with a familiar face doesn’t necessarily matter. What really matters is ensuring the best possible person is getting the job and going to do it well.

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