Redecorating Your Family Room on a Budget

Redecorating a house can be an extremely expensive undertaking. There are lots of costs that you need to consider, and as expenses continue to mount you might even think it’s not worth it anymore. However, before you give up due to large redecorating costs, you should be aware of some methods you can use to lower prices. Whether you’re simply trying to improve your interior design or are trying to remodel Toronto real estate to look more attractive on the market, these tips will surely be effective. Here’s how you can redecorate your family room on a budget.



One of the best ways to redecorate a room on a budget is to utilize antiques and “hand-me-down” furniture in the design process. You would be surprised at the high-quality pieces that people throw away, pieces that can play a key role in your redesign. Just because someone got rid of a piece does not mean that a piece is inferior. Even if a piece needs a little work or refurbishing, it is often much cheaper to fix a used piece up than it is to purchase a brand new one. You could find great furniture items at a wide variety of places, including yard sales and thrift stores. Utilizing pieces effectively can allow you to save a ton of money on furniture and allow you to give an amazing look for your family room.

Local Artwork

Many people think of artwork as a luxury item and something that will absolutely break the bank. How are you meant to utilize artwork in redecorating, if just a few quality pieces will push you over budget? One of the best ways to get around this is by utilizing local artists and their work. Many of these artists are extremely talented and create some great work, they just haven’t been discovered yet. Of course, not all of the local artists in your area produce high-quality work, but a little research and looking around could lead to you finding some diamonds in the rough. You could find some high-quality artwork from these artists, without the large price tag that usually accompanies artwork of that quality.


Repainting a room is one of the easiest and cheapest ways of completely transforming the way it looks. There are many advantages to painting a room, all of which combine to make it one of the best ways to redecorate a room on a budget. First, paint is extremely cheap to purchase and certainly won’t push you over your redecorating budget. In addition, paint is extremely versatile, as there are a wide variety of colors you can use, each transforming your family room in a different way. Finally, repainting a room doesn’t require any prior knowledge, experience, or special skills. If you want to redecorate your family room on a budget, repainting the room would be a great place to start.

DIY Projects

Going out and purchasing new furniture can be quite expensive, sometimes even pushing you over your budget. While one solution to this dilemma is thrift shopping, another solution is utilizing DIY projects. DIY projects could include fixing or improving current pieces that you already own, or it could result in entirely new pieces being created. Regardless of what you choose to do in relation to DIY projects, utilizing them correctly can allow you to create extremely unique and personalized furniture without going over budget. Just be warned, however, as good DIY projects will require a lot of skill, time, and effort, but if you manage to pull it off it will be well worth it. 

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