8 Smart Tactics to Reduce Your Photo Product E-Commerce Cart Abandonment

E-Commerce Cart Abandonment

Window shopping doesn’t only happen in offline stores, online stores are too experiencing it a lot in the form of cart abandonment. Nothing is heart-breaking for a store owner than a customer leaving the cart at the last moment and never comes back.

Shopping cart abandonment is a nightmare for store owners. A whopping 98% of people who visit an online store won’t make a purchase that makes the average cart abandonment rate to 67.91%. No matter what product you are selling, cart abandonment is a common complaint every single e-Commerce owner cry about. For a photo product eCommerce, things are no different either, they add custom photo goods to their cart and vanish forever.

What is Cart Abandonment and why do People Leave Halfway?

Cart abandonment is when a customer has added products to the shopping cart and is on the verge of buying but decides to quit right before the checkout process and apparently never returns. Now, the reason behind doing so is not for fun, there are few reasons why people leave halfway like;

  • Unexpected costs (like extra shipping or taxes)
  • Complicated navigation
  • The long and tiring checkout process
  • Better price somewhere else
  • Security concerns

Therefore, for your photo product eCommerce store, here are some tips to prevent customers from abandoning the shopping cart.

1. Be transparent. Avoid giving price shocks

It is when the hidden costs show up, half of the people abandon the shopping cart. Customers never like surprises when it comes to payments. Don’t give them shocks by revealing delivery charges, shipping charges or other in the end. Give them a detailed description of what all charges they are required to pay so that they can prepare for it and decide to buy no matter what.

2. Offer free shipping

Who doesn’t like free? Most of the times, shipping charges are a turnoff. As per Forrester Research, 40% of visitors abandon their shopping cart just because of the shipping is not free. Same goes for the delivery charges. If you can’t afford to give them for free, put some conditions like a customer has to shop for a particular amount to get free shipping or offer them an incentive or discount for their next purchase.

3. Remind them about their abandoned cart

It happens that a customer abandons the cart due to some genuine reason but then forgets about it. It is your duty to remind them about their cart. Set reminder notifications or emails such that whenever a customer abandons the shopping cart, the reminder reaches them soon and continues to prompt them to finish the shopping.


4. Allow guests to checkout

Not everyone likes to create an account or register in order to shop. Instead, you can always ask them to create an account after the checkout process and encourage them to do so by offering benefits of account creation like discounts, special offers, referral discounts, shipment tracking etc.

5. Implement popups

When a customer is about to leave your site, you can prevent them from doing so by creating an exit-intent popup. They are the pop-ups that can easily be installed on your store’s web to print photo book software and they appear right when the user is about to exit. You can add your encouraging message in the pop along with some offer that can make the customer rethink before quitting or even better, finish the shopping.

6. Eliminate complications

Be it the navigation or the checkout process, anywhere a customer is facing trouble with your website must be cleared and made simple. Customers don’t like to get stuck somewhere because remember, they have other options.

7. Display security badges

Due to rising cybercrimes, it is normal for customers to doubt your website. Hence, before providing their personal details and financial information, they would want to know whether you can be trusted or not. Show all the security measures you have taken like a valid SSL certificate, various trust logos and security symbols like Verified by VISA, PayPal Verified, Norton Secured and so on. All of this will help people feel protected and safe.

8. Keep payment options open

Customers hate when they are willing to pay for the product but their preferred mode of payment is not available. You never know, when you will get customers from abroad then how will you ask them to pay? Therefore, include all the universal payment methods, such as PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card, Diners Club, and JCB.


You can’t put a stop to cart abandonment but you can lower down its rate with the above tips. Track first, why people are fleeing from your cart and focus on improving those sections of your website. Hence to keep your store running with online photo book software in good shape, you need to make the necessary amendments on your site as we discussed above.

About the author:

Amy watson

Amy Watson has completed her education in Information Technology sector and then she has started working in eCommerce web to print research & development segment at Design’N’Buy. After getting more than 5 years of experience in web-to-print technology market segment as well as Print Commerce product customization software development & solution she found best interaction model about it. She really enjoys her success in research and development for start-up business by extending current model with highly reflective ROI model.

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