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Everyone knows how important and useful the refrigerator is. At the same time, they do know that they need to take care of it just like any other home appliance. The best part of having a refrigerator is that we can use it for a long period. At the same time, you need to take care of your refrigerator because, if we ignore the warning signs in the early stages, there may be problems later on with the appliance. Here is what you can do to keep the refrigerator running longer than it can:
  • Keep A Check On The Door Seals
One of the main reasons why the refrigerator gets spoilt is the loose door seals. You will see that the loose seal allows the cool air to go out and thus wasting energy. It causes your fridge to work two times harder than it usually does. Hence, you need to make sure that you are keeping the door seals free of any food residue. Then, you can try the dollar bill test where you close the bill in the door so that half is in and the half is out. If the bill slips out quite easily, then you need to get the refrigerator checked.
  • Keep The Condenser Coils Always Clean
When the condenser coils do not be free of dust, then it is quite obvious the refrigerator cannot run efficiently. Just twice a year, you have to pull the machine from the wall so that you can see the cells behind. Then, you unplug the refrigerator and then vacuum clean the whole area.
  • Keep The Right Temperature All The Time
When you are operating a fridge and you do not need any refrigerator repair, then always keep the fridge between 37-40 degrees Fahrenheit. The freezer is at 0 degrees all the time.
  • Fill The Whole Refrigerator Up Even If You Do Not Cook Much
There is something called a thermal mass which means you need to put it a lot of stuff in the fridge so that you can maintain low temperatures. All the cool foods and drinks do absorb the warm air that streams at the moment you open the door. Even if you are someone who takes out the food more than make it, then you can fill in some water and store some jugs of them in the refrigerator.
  • You Need To Be Always Prepared
If the power or the electricity goes out, you need to keep the doors closed all the time and then use the foods from the pantry. If the fridge is not opened when there is a power cut, it keeps the food safe for 4 hours and even then the freezer shall keep on maintaining the temperature for 48 hours or 24 hours if not full.
  • Clean The Insides
Make sure to avoid any kind of refrigerator repairs, you keep cleaning the inside of the fridge. The frost, residue or simply any kind of dirt can seem to take over the fridge even after some time. If you are opening and closing the refrigerator constantly, you are just like a lot of us. But sometimes we spill something in the fridge and forget to clean it. This is when all the trouble is caused. Even the kids can do it. So, once in a while we recommend that you completely clear out the refrigerator, defrost it and then dry the whole refrigerator up. This should be done at least twice a year. Once you have cleaned the inside of the refrigerator, you can either deodorize or keep the whole thing fresh.

Don’t Spoil Your Fridge

Here are a few other things you can do so that you probably don’t end up spoiling your fridge. No matter what happens, do not stand in front of the fridge for a long time with the doors open. Here, the warm air gets in and the cold air comes out. And this exchange of heat happens till the time you are there. Hence, once you close it, it will have to cool down all the warm air you let in. Next, if you cannot see anything properly in the refrigerator, then maybe it is time to call eth refrigerator repair technician to open and replace the light bulbs. Apart from that, if you can ever try to do this, always allow the food to cool down when you are placing it in the fridge. This will largely cut down the amount of warm air that goes inside the refrigerator and hence, there is some run time on the compressor which is saved.


Hence, if you ever face any problem regarding the refrigerators be quick and consult refrigerator repair services online. Apart from that, if at all your refrigerator is pretty old and keeps breaking down, you need to replace it with a new one. They also consume more energy!
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