Regain Your Calm: 6 Ways for Small Business Owners to De-stress

De stress

Small business owners are often focused on a number of tasks that require their immediate attention. Once they solve one task, at least two new things will arise and require their time, focus and attention. Due to the volume of the tasks at hand, small business owners quickly succumb to the side effects of running their business. The constant amount of workload means that the number of stressors will be constant, too. Thus, small business owners must put their wellbeing first and learn how to de-stress. Since bottling down on these issues is not a way to deal with things, there are certain things every small business owner can do to fight stress.

Take a look at your workload and prioritize it

Every little thing on our daily or weekly to-do list does not require our immediate attention. There are certain things that are “high priority” and these tasks should be dealt with immediately. These tasks are something we need to solve now so we can move on to other, less urgent tasks. So, next on our plate are tasks that are equally important as the first category, but that don’t require immediate attention. These are followed by tasks that are important but we don’t really need to do them. The last category is reserved for tasks that are not important and if not completed, won’t affect the company’s productivity.

If you schedule your workday or workweek based on the proposed model, you will definitely reduce the amount of stressful workload and deal with day to day operations with ease.

Delegate what you can

Giving up control of certain aspects of your job to others will make you feel less burdened and overwhelmed. Micromanaging everything and being involved in every task will drain you of all energy. If you delegate some of your workload to those who can assist, it will allow you to put all of your focus into things that are of high priority. You can still be involved with the tasks delegated to others by overseeing the end result.

Set Firm Boundaries with Others

Saying “yes” to everything might have been important when you were just starting your biz. Once you can confidently address yourself as a small business owner you need to practice saying “No” more. You simply don’t have time for everything so you need to focus on the things that are in line with your values and decline those that are not. If you are presented with something that does not fit into your schedule, or is not important and you don’t wish to spend time on – simply say no. Such decisions will ultimately save you from unwanted stress and unavoidable burnout.

Lead by example – Start a culture of wellbeing

Dealing with a lot of things on a daily basis often leaves no time to practice healthy habits. Thus, every small business owner should actually lead by example and prioritize health and wellbeing. Lunch breaks should not be sacrificed because of work so eat away from your desk. Your employees will certainly be driven by your example, and will no longer at their desks. One who leads a busy lifestyle and usually has a poor diet should also pay attention to proper supplementation. Proper vitamins, protein smoothies, gut health supplements like those by That Hippie Co are all essential for thriving health. Exercise is also important so make sure to implement a gym membership program at the office so your employees can enjoy some perks and be more productive.

Deal with stress with exercise

If your workday lasts for 10 to 12 hours on average, you need to find a way to blow off some steam. Morning exercise would be the best option if your workday usually lasts longer than the typical eight hours. Your goal should be to determine the exact times during your work for exercise. Not only it will do wonders for your health, but it will also reduce stress, increase self-confidence, improve your mood and overall energy. Spend your free time on something you like doing to reap its benefits to the fullest.

Unplug During Your Off-Time

Being present during your office hours is equally important as using your off-time to unplug. Being available all the time and invested in working 24/7 is not a good recipe for mental health. Even as a business owner you need to take time to recharge. Once you get home, turn off your email synchronization and put your phone away. Be present and in the moment. Take up a hobby, read a book, paint, cook for friends. Just do anything that makes you feel alive and fills you with cheer.

Once you implement some or all of these things into your busy day, you will feel better and become more empowered to deal with things head-on. Things will still be hectic and stressful but you will know how to structure your workday better. In addition to this, you will prioritize your free time and be more present. Socializing with other small business owners and learning some tips and tricks they use to unwind and structure their day, will also be useful.

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