How to make remote learning a success

Remote learning is common for schools, colleges and business education. While remote learning is now common for many students, many educators still struggle to make remote learning a success. This will give you some tips for keeping your students engaged.

Get Students Interested First

Many educators give their students a lot of information and find the main points or primary ideas. While that worked fairly well during traditional education in person, it has been found that this isn’t as successful with remote learning. Therefore, students must first be interested in the topic before comprehending the information.

For example, instead of launching directly into dates and important people for a social studies class, it would be better to use fun social studies activities to engage students.

remote learning

remote learning

Make Students Participate

Many students felt the pressure to participate in classrooms. It feels like the teacher and other students are looking at them to raise their hands or provide answers. The problem with remote learning is that students feel easily hidden in the background.

It’s best to get students into participating. You can explain that this is part of their grade, call on students by name or use fun activities that show students that participating doesn’t have to be scary. Adobe Education Exchange has many resources to add to your class, and you need to be gentle with students as they learn to participate in class.

Keep Class Simple

If you were in a classroom, you could give students complex assignments that they can accomplish with a bit of guidance. The problem with remote learning is that it’s harder to see if a student is struggling. It might be better to keep your classes and activities simple. This makes it easier for students to learn, and it makes it easier for you because your students will succeed.

Also, let students know that they can ask questions whenever they need to. Keeping an open line of communication will help students feel confident about asking you questions. Of course, you don’t want to find out after the project is due that no one understood it now everyone is failing.

Make Learning Interactive

One advantage of remote learning is that it’s very interactive. Some teachers shy away from this and try to make remote learning emulate classroom learning. Most online platforms allow you to send questions to students, generate quick quizzes, poll students to see what they’re thinking and more.

You might be worried about how students will feel about these tools, but the truth is that it keeps class interactive. Students should always feel like they have a chance to participate. This ensures that they keep paying attention and learning from you.

Remote learning has become very common and it’s been hard for some teachers to transition over, but many tips can help you make this successful. It’s best to keep students engaged, give them fun activities and simple projects and make learning interactive.

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