Renovation Vs. Remodeling – Which Suits Your Budget The Most?

Both remodeling and renovation are common terms since it is for the purpose of improving the state of an existing building or room. There is a subtle difference in what they mean though. Renovations are to restore the state of the bathroom to its original state and are usually associated with building that in dire need of restoration and failing structure.

Home Renovation

On the other hand, remodelling is introducing new elements or changing the existing structure of the bathroom. This essentially includes changing the appearance of the bathroom. Several people opt for bathroom renovations in Moorabbin, mainly to beautify a dilapidated structure and maybe introduce a few new features.

Renovating your House

A large number of people buy old houses; it is highly likely that several sections of the house require some kind of repair work. For example, an old house with an old and badly maintained bedroom or bathroom may require bathroom renovations in Seaford. Renovating sections of an old house often work out cheaper.

Renovations tend to be either subtle or not noticeable or something that drastically changes the look of the place. For example, a bathroom that is in a bad state may need drastic improvement. This will completely transform the place, restoring its original features and at the same time include some design modifications as per your taste.

It is the process of repairing and fixing broken or worn out items. Picking a house that a safe and solid structure will always work in your favour, even if the other sections of the house, including plumbing, electrical, bathroom, etc require extensive repair.

This includes tasks like re-facing, installing new fixtures to replace old ones, repainting, improving the standard of design, minor alterations

This also includes cosmetic home improvements and other minor construction or repair work.

Some of the common signs of bathroom renovations in Seaford include rusted pipes, cracked bathtubs, etc.


This is to do with changing the structure entirely rather than simply fixing the things broken or in need of repair. For example, if in need to transform the entire kitchen or bathroom using a new design of your own; this is the way to do it.

If your budget permits you to spend on remodelling the place with a completely new design; this is the method to use.

It is optimal for those who wish to change the use of space and floor plan or change the way it is being used.

This is the method of adopting to transform the physical structure & appearance of a building or room.

Removing a wall in the bathroom, displacing the bathtub, shifting the shower or implementing new methods and energy-saving technology is more to do with renovating.

Important Facts on Building Renovations

Number of home-owners that renovated their homes in 2013 was 7503 while that in 2016 was 8393, which shows a steep increase.

Approximately 1946 home-owners spent over $5000 on home renovations in 2013 compared to 2254 home-owners in 2016.

Minor renovations by 5145 in 2013 while 5836 in 2016.

Thus, bathroom renovations in Moorabbin, are possible even in a limited budget. It is amazing how minor renovations to several sections of the house can transform it into a stunning place. It is in our nature to feel the need for change periodically. While complete remodelling can get quite expensive minor renovations in the house can make a big difference. Some of the common signs that suggest the bathroom is due for renovations include deteriorating ventilation, failing fixtures, insufficient storage, and other similar issues.

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