Resources to Find Jobs With Good Employee Benefits

After salary, the average job-seeker today is most concerned about getting the right benefits. Employee perks can really add up in the way of value, which means you would want to consider both the salary and the perks of a particular employer to determine the real value of working there before making the final decision. You can get one of those dream jobs with the best employee perks, but it can take a little looking around.

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Here are some resources you can use to find a great job with good employee perks:


Glassdoor is a top networking site that offers reviews of companies based on user-submitted feedback or employee-generated feedback. It’s one of the best resources online when you want to get finer details about working at a particular company. You can find information about the working environment, salaries, company culture, and employee benefits offered. You can also browse through the reviews from current and past employees.

The good thing about Glassdoor is that you can get a pretty good idea of what to expect as an employee when researching a company. Companies also advertise jobs on Glassdoor, so look out for opportunities you’re interested in, and you can instantly see what perks they offer. Compare those perks with your bare minimum to see what fits you best.


SimplyHired is a free job search tool that enables you to search for job opportunities. It aggregates job postings from all over the internet. Type in the job you want and the location, or choose a job category or industry to look for a position at a specific company. One useful feature that SimplyHired offers is the ability to compare companies by salary and check the perks offered.

That makes it easy for you to decide on whether a company offers the benefits that best suit you. You can also create an account and upload your resume, which makes it easier for you to apply for jobs. According to Resume Build, it’s crucial to have a professional-looking resume that showcases your worth to a potential employer. This way, you can enjoy your benefits, knowing that your employer values your work.

Google for Jobs

Yes, Google for Jobs is on this list. It’s one of the most understated job-searching tools, and especially when you want to find companies offering excellent benefits. Google for Jobs enables you to search, find, and apply to a wide variety of job opportunities. In fact, this handy tool retrieves jobs from some of the top job sites like LinkedLin, Monster, CareerBuilder, and Facebook.

When you search a specific job term, like ‘marketing manager,’ you’ll get a list of postings that you can click to read more about the job description, requirements, salary, and employee perks offered. While not all jobs provide in-depth details about perks, it’s a great resource to get started in your search. Read these tips on using Google for Job searches.


Monster is one of the oldest job search resources. From full time to part-time jobs, you can search for jobs by title, category, location, company, or even browse the most popular jobs. You can upload your resume to make it easy to apply for jobs. It also provides company profiles, a resume review service, networking boards, and a mobile app—everything you need to make your job searching process easy.

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Monster offers a simple job search tool that provides details about every job, including the perks offered. Whether you’re looking for better retirement benefits or focusing on training and development benefits, you can easily find companies that provide the benefits you want. Take your time to browse through the list of jobs you’re interested in, as employee perks offered may vary significantly from one company to another.


If you’re seeking a career move where you can bring in a fresh approach and enjoy the benefits offered, then you need to start your job search on the right footing. These resources will help you get started when searching for jobs with good employee benefits. You might have to register with more than one since each offers a slightly different experience when searching for jobs.

Keep in mind that perks alone should not determine if a job is worth applying for or not. Do some more research to find out about the company culture to see if it fits in with your working ethics and values.

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