Responsive website design is the basis of a successful project

The basis of any successful internet project today is a responsive website design. Responsive design is a method that is used when creating a website, according to which a web resource should be equally convenient for viewing from any device, regardless of the screen size (desktop, tablet or smartphone).

Responsive website design

Advantages, features and possibilities of responsive website design.

The adaptive design of the site is implemented in such a way that the resource is beautifully and correctly reproduced on any device (computer, laptop, tablet and phone) from which users visit the resource. All elements of the web page are arranged so that you can study all the information as conveniently as possible.

Images and text are scaled to fit the user’s screen size. Thus, the site visitor sees the version that is adapted to the specific device from which he visits the site. The screen size of this device is automatically determined by browsers.

Who needs a responsive website design?

First of all, a responsive website design is needed for all commercial projects. The target audience of these resources today uses mobile devices almost everywhere:

  • online stores,
  • as well as online media,
  • blogs
  • and other info-projects

If you are in doubt whether you need a responsive design, study your competitors, whether or not they have a responsive website, and then make a conclusion.
And if at least 15% use a tablet or smartphone, then you 100% need to find responsive website developers, as this percentage will constantly grow.

Responsive design features that affect conversions

The need for the transition to responsive design is primarily due to the intensive dynamics, the growth in the number of purchases that are carried out through mobile devices. Thus, a responsive website design is needed, first of all, in order not to lose potential customers.

  • LOADING SPEED – with a responsive design, the site loads faster. Since all the elements are simplified and the pictures have less weight.
  • EASY OF USE OF THE SITE by mobile users significantly affects the conversion.
  • COMFORT OF INTERACTION – the client can study the content on the site or make purchases without straining his eyes.
  • A POSITIVE EXPERIENCE with your resource will stimulate the decision to return.
  • IMMEDIATE PERFORMANCE OF TARGETED ACTION. If you use a newsletter with trigger letters, then they imply an urgent transition to the site to perform the targeted action. In this case, the responsive design increases the likelihood of performing the target action from a mobile phone several times. The success of such an advertising campaign is based on this fact.

How content is rebuilt for responsive website design

Responsive website owners face a major challenge – to make content equally interesting for both desktops and mobile devices. This also applies to writing texts and publishing photographs.

It is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of typography for a responsive design. Too large fonts and huge pictures on the floor of the screen are poorly perceived on desktops, as well as large buttons with too bright colors.

In a mobile browser, the button and call to action should always be in the user’s field of view, that is, in priority. It is important that they stand out well and be attractive.

Image adaptation is one of the most important aspects of responsive website design. The basic principle of image reproduction is that when accessing the user’s platform, the browser shows the image that is intended for a specific device.

The mobile user gets a small and “light” image, and the owner of a large monitor will see a full-fledged high-quality image with a large expansion. Thanks to special algorithms, the picture can be cropped if you can sacrifice irrelevant details of the image when displayed on a gadget with a small screen.

Responsive design is a reliable way not to lose your mobile customers, reduce the number of bounces on the site, become convenient for all users without exception, and increase audience loyalty. Contact the web studio at this link to find out more information:

Invest in the development of your website today to be among the first to get the most from mobile orders and visits in a couple of years. An adaptive site is most effective for commercial projects, as it implements the best features of your resource for the largest possible audience.

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