How to Effectively Use Ringless Voicemail for Your Business

Ringless Voicemail: A Ringless voicemail is a pre-recorded message that you send your customers and potential clients.

Do you know that there is a way you can market your business and follow up on potential clients without disturbing them and invading their privacy? You can do so using ringless voicemail.

A Ringless voicemail is a pre-recorded message that you send your customers and potential clients. When the message arrives, it will go directly to their voice mailbox. From there, they can access it at their convenience. According to CDYNE, “[it] is the best option for companies looking to market their products and services directly to customers in a non-invasive way.”

Why you need ringless voicemails for your business

Delivers quality messages

Telemarketers and door-to-door sales people do not get to deliver their whole sales pitch to potential clients. The client usually ignores or cuts them off. With a ringless voicemail, however, your clients get to listen to your whole message, which means that they will know what you are selling.


Telemarketing requires you to talk to one client at a time. This can take the whole day and waste a lot of money in telephone bills. This method allows you to record just one message and then dispatches it to all your clients at once. This saves you time and energy.

Serves as a reminder

The great thing with this form of communication is that it reminds your clients about the existence of your business and its offers. When your clients listen to your message, it is likely to remain in their mind. When in need of services similar to what you offer, your business will instantly pop into their mind.

Source of crucial business information

Since clients listen to voicemails while relaxed at home, you can pass important information about your business to them. You can inform them on the aims and objectives of your business, which means they will know more about your business.

How ringless voicemails can help grow your business

Non-invasive marketing

The voicemail will not ring and distract your client from their lives. They will listen to it when they are in a more relaxed and open mood.

It is non-invasive because it will not require your client to stay on the phone for the entire conversation. Cold calls from telemarketers can be annoying, and you do not want to be the cause of your client’s anger.

Allows follow up of clients

This method of marketing allows you to follow up on long lost clients. You can encourage them to come back by offering discounts and promotions to them.

Ringless voicemails also allow you to build long lasting relationships with your clients by keeping in touch with them and updating them on any new useful information.

High probability of return calls

The voicemail allows your clients to listen to your message at their convenient time. This is when they are in a good mood and will be more receptive to your message. This means that more clients are likely to call you back and make inquiries. Everyone likes his or her privacy respected. When clients feel like you respect them, more of them might do business with you.

Be sure to carry out market research before buying any plan to ensure you have the best ringless voicemail platform to use for your business. This is because it will change the way you interact with your customers today.

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