Top Things To Know Before Investing In a ROTI Maker


In Indian households, the female members in a family tend to invest a lot of time of their day to make food for the family and feed them. A considerable amount of time of their lives goes into planning and producing what the others would want to eat. They not only take care of the diet but also keep in mind what nutritional values should be incorporated from day today.

ROTI Maker


Now, if you are already a part of an Indian family or household, you will know that making chapattis or rotis is an extremely time-consuming task. It takes a lot of time and an equal amount of effort to make rotis for the entire family. It becomes taxing for one person to invest such a lot of time.

Thus, with technological advancements, developers have come up with solutions for the kitchen as well. There are appliances targeted to make work in the kitchen easy. As a result, they end up saving a lot of time and can focus on other work.

To make the kitchen life and cooking, in general, a simple and faster process, a number of appliances have been invented. Among them, one of the most effective ones is the Roti maker. Now, when it comes to roti makers, The Rotimatic roti maker is a top-quality brand that makes roti making not only easy but simple and fast.


Rotimatic was developed and invented by an Indian-origin couple Rishi Israni and Pranoti Nagarkar. The couple started a company called Zimplistic Pte Ltd. in Singapore, which then went on to win a business plan competition in the year 2009. A few years later, they based their headquarters in California, and Rotimatic Roti Maker became their flagship product.

Rotimatic is a robotic kitchen appliance which has distributorship in seven countries all over the world. This device makes use of machine learning to make rotis under a minute’s time. Rotimatic Roti maker has managed to generate a revenue of US $40 million over the years.

However, despite the high efficiency and ease of functioning roti makers of today’s times provide, you need to know certain basic things before making rotis. Let us look into the details and know the things that you should definitely know before buying a Rotimatic Roti Maker. Alternatively, you can also check in detailed rotimatic Reviews.


Surveying the market before buying anything is an important task to do to ensure that the product that you are purchasing is foolproof and advantageous. It is crucial to ensure that the item you wish to buy serves you for a long time. Checking this Rotimatic Reviews will save your time

Electrical appliances can be subjected to a number of damages over time.

Thus, study the market well and understand what a well-rated product is and what is not. Roti makers should serve one for quite a long time. Roti makers cost a lot. As a result, repairing it is another headache, especially if it is in a short time of purchase. It is also problematic if one does not know how to make the right use of it. Let us look at a few things to keep in mind before and after making a purchase (Roti maker pros and cons).

  1. Try to stray away from products that are too cheap An electrical appliance that is too cheap often means that it is not reliable. Too much of a discount may not be good news. It may be so that a branded product is comparable to a normal standard priced product. However, in the case of roti makers, that is not accurate. It is sensible to get yourself a branded roti maker than a low-quality or standard roti maker. A branded roti maker will make rotis that taste better and cook well in less time. A roti maker than is cheap and inefficient will end up making rotis that are low in quality.
  2. Make sure to make the dough differently for rotis that are to be made using a roti maker. The dough used for making handmade rotis will obviously be different compared to rotis made using an artificially controlled machine. Regular rotis require a tighter dough, but machine-made rotis need a much softer and stickier dough. It is advised to add around 20% more water than usual to get a consistency that is fit for machine-made rotis.
  3. The dough does not require much kneading. Let it rest for an hour to get the best results. The fresh dough should be prepared for rotis made by a roti maker. If you store dough or refrigerate it, there is a high chance that it may not work well with a roti maker. Dough that has been stored in the fridge does not work well with roti makers. Using refrigerated dough would lead to rotis being crisp and tight in nature. To ensure fluffy and soft chapattis, prepare a fresh dough beforehand. Do not put in the dough before 20 minutes of its preparation as it needs some time to sit before being turned into chapattis.
  4. Make use of oil to make the balls for every roti. To ensure fresh and fluffy rotis, use some oil to create the balls. This does not mean that you will need to mix oil into the dough but to use some on your palms before making the balls help. The oil with the balls distribute on the surface or the pans of the roti maker and let the dough spread out evenly. Also, it does not allow the dough to stick to your hands while handling it. However, refrain from using too much oil as that will hamper the rotis from tasting the way they should.


With these points in mind, invest in a good roti maker. Rotimatic roti maker gives the best results in the category of roti makers as it uses optimum heat and less time to prepare the freshest and the fluffiest of all rotis.

Compare it with handmade rotis, and you will not be disappointed with the results.

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