Safety of Your Private Photos and Videos is Essential – “Keep Them Safe”

The age of smartphones has ushered in convenience, ease, speed, and other concomitant advantages for the users. The advent of these phones has expanded the horizons of doing business and transactions for people, which has turned the tables, both for the consumers and businessmen.

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We now see multitudinous options to choose from the most high-quality and affordable brands. The places which we saw as a small drop have now broadened to dominate their respective fields.

Geographical barriers and boundaries have been not become a roadblock in bringing together masses from different countries and so the internet has become a melting pot of different states around the globe.

Safety of your private photos and videos

But, with ease and access, also came vulnerability and danger associated with the use of smartphones. Cybersecurity breaches and cyber threats, as well as cyber offenses, have become known to all the people.

We have become all the more susceptible to such attacks and data leaks because of the robust use of technology over smartphones. Our smartphones are more or less like warehouse and powerhouse of all our data including photos, videos, confidential documents, official and financial dossiers, and what not!

If by any chance your phone gets lost or some imposter breaks open into your phone and fools around with your data, you will be exposed to a lot of disadvantage and risk. While there is obviously a recourse to law to bring those charlatans and unauthorized users to punishment, the damage cannot be undone. So, what is the way out?

Ways to keep your private photos and videos safe

The first step we can take in protecting our photos and videos is to take some preventive measures which will scale down your vulnerability to privacy breaches. Let us take a look at some easy steps to be taken to keep your phone’s data safe and protected.

  • Use hide private photos and videos app

This is the first and foremost step one can take to protect the data stored on the phone. These locking apps protect your photos and videos from unauthorized access and even send you the picture of the intruder via email. These apps come with a horde of advantageous features that enhance the safety of your phone’ s data.

One such app is “Keep Them Safe”. This app lets you hide your private photos and videos easily using a PIN, Pattern, or Fingerprinting locks. It uses robust advanced encryption and protects your data flawlessly. You just have to have a secure Login by receiving an access code on your existing email ID.

The app also allows you to import and export your images and also provides backup and restoring ability on your SD card. You can organize your files into multiple folders and categorize them as per convenience. There are other secret gallery lock apps which protect your images saved in the gallery and keep the intruders at bay.

  • Avoid downloading shady apps

Harmful apps can filch you off with all your important data and place it into wrong hands. Before you download any app, which isn’t familiar with the public, make sure that the app is sourced from the correct developer.

For e.g., if you are downloading a banking app, you must ensure that it is from the bank and not from any other developer.

  • Keep your “Settings” off when you don’t need them

A number of settings, when turned on, can be exploited by hackers to dig out data from your phone. Therefore, you should turn off your phone settings like Cellular Data, Bluetooth, Near Field Communication, Location Services when not in use.

This will cut down your battery consumption and also give less access to your phone to others. User’s location information can be tracked easily when your location services and Bluetooth are kept on as these transmit your location and presence continuously to others. This information can be misused by hackers and cause wrongful loss to you.

  • Do not lose your phone

Although this not absolutely in your hands, you can surely avoid a callous and absent-minded attitude when it comes to keeping your phones carefully. However, if you are not able to take care of your belongings, the least you could do is to install apps that track your phone when it gets stolen.

These apps help you in locating your phone and even give you the option of deleting all your data.


Take these preventive measures and you will not be prone to cyber attacks, data theft, and other cyber crimes. Once you foolproof your photos and videos with the simple privacy apps, you reduce your chances of being victimized with such offenses. Such apps provide you with very helpful features for protecting the privacy of your data.

These small steps will foil the attempts of intruders to barge into your confidential data and they will not be able to cause any harm to you.

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Noman shaikh is a Digital marketing Head at Yelowmobi which is known for developing top-notch hide photos and videos apps. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with leaned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.

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