How to Negotiate a Salary Increase Step by Step Guide

One of the most controversial topics to be writing on. One of the biggest ‘worth of words’ is only known to a writer that expects nothing but a “loyal increment” in return. Since I’m a writer and I know what credentials I hold when it comes to my job, but there comes to marketing gap where you’re intended not to follow you’re creative work but get reprimanded into rigid “marketing rules & regulations” out of the land of nowhere. When you consider of how to negotiate a salary increase, you’re throttled back into place due to your unworthy usage of words.

For me, there is no “groundbreaking theory” that requires you to make your managers realize you deserve to be promoted “not for any fancy designation”, but for at least for the wages you’re getting. Be aware of your tasks and the outcomes they’re producing. Also assure you’re not the reason for rescinding someone’s right on that “high salary increase.”

Look for your role on the company’s table and how much you’re putting your part into it. That’s it! It’s as simple as this. If you’re not going through a regulatory phase for a products ‘success in the market, then be quiet and realize you’re not commendable in any climax or corner for the firm’s financial flourishing and avoid a situation such as the present Nigerian minimum wage issue. Be positive and keeps your finger crossed.

Bullying or harassment

In return, we all tend to become more persuaded towards progression and not teamwork. We all break the rules of binding together as a team when it comes to that 6-month – to – yearly salary increase. Everyone’s ensuring how much they should be appreciated/credited for the company’s success. No one wants to take risks of those “mismanagements & misadventures” happened during the whole marketing season, trying to demeanor their actions on those discredited “tolerant employees” in the company.

If you’re on those employees having the right to get the right payroll augmentations, then there’s no reason to daydream. Just hit the desk with your HR Manager and talk with him/her for your duly withheld stipend.

Nonetheless, when it’s that “human resource guy”, you should always be cautious about your behavior, have a bit know-how for how salary increases work, and have a soft-spoken tone if you’re not willing to get fired!

Do Your Research First

Do Your Research First

Be careful for your words based on the right calculations. Always be ready to present some of your genuine work and tasks that have really resulted in the company’s thriving towards fiscal attainment. You’ll be having every matter in the bag that shows what you’ve been doing for the firm so far. Never compensate when it comes to give your best at work, so that you’ll be confident and have no worries for configuring of how to negotiate a salary increase. For instance, the Avengers have definitely gone through critical analysis and planning before going to war against Thanos wearing the exclusive Avengers Endgame Hoodie. So you should be doing the same as well. If you’re doing your work above par with optimal performance, then you’re going to be rewarded by the company for sure.

What is Your Value in the Company?

What is Your Value in the Company?

Always remember that you’re worth to the respective corporation you’re applying to is far beyond the job position you’re applying for. There are a few examples that will keep you entrusted to your ground and boundaries of your true identity and position worth. A senior marketing manager with more than 10 years of experience having a commercial competitive background as well as aptitude in both website programming and web designing is definitely going to be having more value than the regular ‘senior marketing manager’ having more or less than 5 years of experience and having no more else to put into his/her occupational prospects.

So keep this as your main objective when you’re going on for that salary discussion with your managers and bosses respectively. Always be prepared that you’ve got your portfolio information intact. In addition, the fact that your value to the company should be based on more than one year or more of your accomplishments, and how would you benefit this company’s in the future with your effort? So yes, be ready to improvise your work every so often.

Don’t Expect more than You Deserve

Don’t Expect more than You Deserve

Keep your job skills and vocations on a perfect balanced scale. Never ask for more than what you deserve. Regretfully, there are lots of employees who tend to be on the dictatorship temperament mode, always whining that they deserve more than others. Just don’t be that guy and always be watchful for your actions and words.

Always be prepared for getting Rejections

Always be prepared for getting Rejections

You’re always trying to yield the best results for the respective company and try to resolve the issues you’re facing in your work. But, there’s no reason you’re not willing to get an upliftment from the company. So don’t be afraid to ask for more and what you really deserve. In the meantime, you should also know that it doesn’t necessarily means that you’re always be getting those positive high-scores of wages. Be prepared from rejections and reluctant miseries you already know they’re inevitably on their way. But be positive that your request will be accepted since you’re performing your duly duties on time with ultimate outcomes.

Ignore What You Previously Earned – Give Your Best Skills Attempt

Give Your Best Skills Attempt

One of the biggest bizarre dispositions of a person when trying how to negotiate a salary increase, is that he or she makes his/her previously earned salaries as ground bases for increments. You need to wake up from that long-forgotten wakeup calls since no one will be willing to see what you made way before in the past.

This is indeed one of the biggest critical mistake of those new-to-the-jobs amateur salary negotiators. They tend to review and request for their old salary credits plus a little extra percentage on that. Also, they might to settle for what they’re already used to make from their previous job. Never ask for search except you’re designation has reached a high-status among your work-bound coworkers for the same company. This is absolutely counterproductive and won’t affect in the least bit if you’re anticipating that “affirmative” signal from the authority.

Pro Tip: Never ever mention your previous ‘salary in an interview.

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