Security Benefits of Folding Closure Doors

Your business is more than an establishment; it is your livelihood and your hard efforts that have been built from scratch. Your heart and soul have gone into creating something, and the safety of your staff and property is at the top of the list. Keeping the balance of curb appeal and protecting your inventory is more achievable than you realize. So, whether you’ve just opened your business or you’re looking to tighten your security, folding closures provide just that. With their sleek, easy to install designs, you can have closures fitted in no time, allowing you to rest easy at night.

Folding Closure Doors

Advantages of Folding Closures

Commercial properties are an increasing target for burglaries, which often cause damage to your property in addition to the loss of inventory. Suppose your business has large sheets of glass and all your best merchandise is on display. A thief is able to smash the glass and then take any item they desire before the police arrive. These smash-and-grab burglaries are high-profit, low-risk crimes for the thieves. Break-ins are upsetting enough as it is, but then you’ve got to file a claim for the merchandise taken and the new sheet glass, causing your insurance premiums to increase. Scissor gates or side-folding security grilles act as a powerful deterrent, reducing the risk of burglary. Also, you can decide who can and who can’t enter your establishment during off-hours, which can come in handy when it comes to new hires.

Save Money

Many insurance companies give breaks to businesses with enhanced security measures. In addition to break-ins, a security door can make your business less vulnerable to vandalism and weather-related damage. Lower risk of theft and damage lowers your insurance, so it’s a win-win situation.

Aesthetics of Your Business

Your concern might be that folding closures could affect sales as your store may seem less aesthetically pleasing in the off-hours. However, this isn’t true. If that’s the case, folding closures allow you to feel secure at night, still providing ample visibility for your products. Closures and gates increase your level of security but do not affect your store’s attractiveness.

Things to Consider Before Installing Folding Closures

When you’re looking to purchase a folding closure, you are probably wondering, “Where do I begin?” “What material do I need?” “How do I measure my window?” First, you need to write a list of what your business does and what your main concerns are. You may want to dig a little deeper and consider whether or not your merchandise is of a high-value level and whether maximum security is more vital. Each closure is fit for a purpose, and you need to ensure you get the right one.

Side-Folding Security Grilles

Whether located in a strip mall, a standalone building, or other retail spaces, the side-folding grilles are for you. The gate allows for maximum security as well as providing visibility. Fitting a closure can be done quickly so you will have minimum inconvenience.

Scissor Gate

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to protect your store without losing your curb appeal, scissor gates are the best option. Scissor gates need minimum maintenance as they are constructed from heavy-duty metal. Therefore, you don’t need to concern yourself with extensive maintenance. All you need to know is that your store is fully protected, and your customers can see all the merchandise. Folding closures are fitted to your exact measurements, and are a worthy investment. After installation, you won’t look back. Call today for a free estimate.

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