5 Game-Changing SEO Trends That Will Matter Most in 2019

SEO trends 2019

To be ahead of the competitors, you need to think about the ways to improve the search engine optimization tactics in advance. If you know the upcoming search engine optimization trends, then you can easily outrank your competitors by implementing it the right way. Here are a few game-changing SEO trends that would matter the most in 2019

Mobile Indexing:

Mobile indexing in short means that search engines like Google will use the mobile version of your website for ranking as well as indexing on the platform. Since March 2018, Google has made this as a mandatory SEO factor. However, the mobile-first index does not mean that only the mobile version of your website will be indexed. It’s just that the mobile version is treated as the primary one for ranking in the search results.

Page Loading Speed:

This is one of the most important factors of SEO if you would like to stay ahead of the competition. A good website is expected to load within 10 seconds. If this does not happen, then there are chances that your visitor will land on your competitor website. Desktop and mobile page loading speed have become an important factor for ranking in search engines like Google. Google offers a tool called Google PageSpeed Insights, where you can check your website loading time.

Try optimizing your website’s loading time by uninstalling the unwanted plugins and also optimizing your images and code. If you do not know how to optimize the page loading speed, try contacting a good SEO services company in your area.


General Data Protection Regulation law was passed in the European Union recently. It impacts the user’s interactions on the online platform. Google has made changes to its policy and made it mandatory for all the websites to comply with the GDPR policies. All the user data collected by a website shall expire within 26 months. However, this expiry time can be changed by the webmasters depending on their business policies.

Amazon Search:

According to a recent survey by a renowned MNC, it has been proved that around 56% of searches for shopping are done on the Amazon portal alone. In short, Amazon is emerging as the next Google of E-commerce platform. If you are a market seller of any product, which you have not listed on Amazon, then you are missing around 56% of the potential business. If you would like to sell any product on your website, make sure to optimize your content for Amazon and tailor your SEO strategy as per it.

Video Optimization:

According to a survey, it was proved that videos will take over other forms of content by 2020. The video is consumed 85% more than any other form of content. Advertisers are also trying to use video marketing as their major tool. So, try optimizing your video content, title and meta description for the keywords you wish to rank for. There are many digital marketing services that provide video optimization service for their clients. Try checking them out to rank your videos in search engines.

These are some of the game-changing SEO trends in 2019, which you must definitely try and implement in your business. If you are unable to do it, then try outsourcing it to a good SEO services company in India.

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