Seven Design Ideas for Narrow Cabinets With Doors

Looking for a cabinet that could fit right in the house without any issues? Then look no further. Narrow cabinets are the ideal solution to the problem. These days people have more items and less space to fit them in. For such modern issues, narrow cabinets with doors help out the homeowners get a little extra space.

This extra space can be used to keep items like clothes, shoes, or other accessories. As narrow cabinets come in all shapes and sizes, one has plenty of options. One can also use a narrow cabinet in their kitchen to keep extra kitchen accessories. To make the narrow cabinet look more uniform with the kitchen interiors, one can paint it similar to the kitchen countertop.

Go for interesting lighting options to make the cabinets as well as other parts of the kitchen more attractive.

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Now let’s discuss the benefits of a narrow cabinet with doors and the various design ideas that homeowners can use in their abode.

Narrow Cabinets with glass door

What are narrow cabinets?

Narrow cabinets are a smaller and more concise version of the normal cabinet that fits everywhere well. In addition, they can be adjusted into the tiniest of spaces easily. For homeowners who are constantly facing issues with storing their utilities, narrow cabinets are the best solution for them.

Let’s see some of the narrow cabinet designs that homeowners can have in their kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere in the house:

Wine cabinets:

Homeowners who are keen on keeping wine at their place would understand the need for a wine cabinet. But usually, the size of the wine cabinet is quite huge, so homeowners find it difficult to dedicate a specific area for the wine cabinet.

In such cases, a tall narrow cabinet with doors is the best way out. It fits in well and provides plenty of space. One can also use this cabinet for keeping other essential commodities. If one wants, they can also install this cabinet in their kitchen to keep the kitchen essentials.

Green narrow cabinet:

Want to bring in furniture that pops out and gives the house a different look? Then bringing home a colourful piece of furniture is a good option. With a green-coloured narrow cabinet with doors, one can achieve the desired result they are looking for. The colour green is quite poppy and blends well with all kinds of interiors.

One can install a narrow cabinet into their kitchen islands for additional storage space. Make sure to paint the cabinet with a similar colour to the quartz countertop. One can also put up using the same design or texture that has been used on the countertop on the surface of the cabinet.

Cabinet for the bathroom:

Bathrooms are one place where plenty of storage space is required. From keeping oral hygiene items to placing essential bathing utilities, everything is stored in the bathroom cabinets. But these days, most bathrooms are made with a minimalistic approach. Due to this, less storage space is available.

Therefore, homeowners usually resort to narrow cabinets with doors. These cabinets ensure that without hindering the minimalistic kitchen vibes, enough space is created for storage. For a rustic bathroom, one can use antique handles and worn-down wood to make a narrow cabinet.

Black narrow cabinet:

The cabinets in a kitchen or bathroom appear elegant in black color. Those looking for furniture in the hall area should give a shot to the tall narrow storage cabinet with doors. A black-coloured tall narrow cabinet will work the best.

The beautiful appearance of the cabinet will blend in great with a space that is filled with grey and black tones. Keep a plant on the side of the cabinet and ensure fewer items are in the hall.

One door narrow cabinet:

For book lovers, a one-door narrow cabinet is a must-have piece of furniture. In addition, one can have the narrow cabinet painted a similar colour to the walls of the rest of the house.
A uniquely styled door can also enhance the cabinet’s appearance. This will give a contemporary look to the whole room.

Shabby chic cabinet:

Shabby chic is an informal decoration style in which old items are used to make a new item. This style has become quite popular these days. Homeowners can have a shabby chic narrow cabinet with doors to welcome this style into their home. It looks exceptionally good and gives an antique look.

One can also use these cabinets for their kitchen island. One can create a uniform look within the kitchen by just laying over a quartz countertop with a similar tone.

All white narrow cabinet:

One colour that can be used almost in every space is white. It gives a neat and clean feel to the house. One can experiment a lot with this colour. If the refrigerator’s colour is white, the all-white narrow cabinet will look like an extension. One can install a narrow cabinet near the refrigerator to have more space for keeping the groceries and other items.

Narrow cabinets with mirror doors:

A narrow cabinet with mirror doors is an ideal choice for those who are looking for something unique. It is perfect for storing the products and can be converted into a dressing table. But make sure to choose a tall narrow cabinet. It will not only help save space but also make the room look bigger.


A narrow cabinet with doors is a perfect item for making one’s kitchen, bathroom, or any other room more spacious. It might look tiny, but one can store plenty of things inside it without any hassle. As it requires quite a little space, adding it to the kitchen island will be a good option, especially for those looking for additional storage space.

If the narrow cabinet is 4-5 feet tall, one can add a quartz counter on the surface to refine the look. In addition, the surface can be used to show off the planters and other decoration items.

The possibilities of introducing cabinets to the home are endless; all it needs is creativity to use them in the right way!

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