Shaker Kitchen Cabinets: Why You Should Take a Look?

In the world of interior design, trends come and go. But if you ask anyone to name a popular style that has stood the test of time, they will most likely tell you it is the Shaker design style. In case you’re a complete stranger to this look, all you need to know is that the shaker style is distinctly minimal with a clean-lined design that has little or no decoration.

And as our hectic lifestyle gets busier with technology and more demanding of comfort, this minimalist trend seems to top the charts again today. Here’s why you should take a look at the shaker design if you’re planning a kitchen remodel.

Shaker Kitchen Cabinets Overview

Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re out and about to upgrade the storage space of your kitchen, it’s rather impossible not to hear the words “shaker kitchen” or “shaker cabinets” at some point. Well, it pays to know that the shaker style has been around for some time, particularly in the U.S. This is because it’s a specific style of American framed cabinets displaying certain common features. Shaker cabinets are classic and simple, delivering a timeless sophistication to kitchens and even bathrooms.

Those who came up with the idea kept to the principle that beauty rested in practicality and lack of unnecessary décor that they thought was too self-indulgent.

The shaker style is all about practicality. Crafters hold on to the idea that we need things that don’t lose their utility in time which resulted in a style that was without decoration but had elegantly detailed woodwork and precision.

Why are Shaker Cabinets still Popular Today?

It seems that people still consider the shaker design and its patient workmanship the essence of traditional kitchens.
Shaker cabinets are timeless and versatile, and they look great in other areas of your home, not just the kitchen. This made this style appealing and timeless, and their simple aesthetic makes them fit into almost all modern kitchens. It’s a perfect combination of versatility and longevity, but also, an authentic style will not go out of fashion anytime soon.

The shaker cabinet we know today follows the same simple and straightforward style as they did all those years ago. The unpretentious recessed frame and clean line, which adorn classic Shaker cabinets, manage to charm everyone who is after a clean and minimalist home atmosphere. Whether you’re after that or you’re just looking for something that screams “authentic”, shaker kitchen cabinets should fit into your likes. Nowadays, you can find different variations of shaker cabinets.

Enter the closest furniture store in your town, and you won’t resist fixing your gaze on those glazed doors, oak doors, sliding shaker doors with transparent glass, and other obscure glass and wood combinations. When it comes to functionality, this style even allows you to hide kitchen hoods and fridges behind customised joinery. You can make the most out of your suburban kitchen and even impress guests and those aesthetically minded neighbors.

The Benefits of Shaker Style

First of all, the appearance of modernity that shaker-style cabinets offer without feeling too cold or harsh in a kitchen design makes for a good reason to go with the option. We can see why it’s so widely appreciated by homeowners: drawer fonts and smooth hardwood doors with an unadorned look will always be a top choice in most kitchens.

Shaker style, however, is more than just clean looks. Perhaps, more important is how this furniture can be used in a functional kitchen space. The generous shelf space inside the cabinets gives a substantial range of options when it comes to storage and layout for the placement of everyday appliances, dishes, or other things you need within your reach. With a minimalist and clean look, you can place shaker cabinets anywhere – under the countertops, right on the walls or even above the stove top without worrying about them clashing with your room’s décor.

Shaker Cabinets are Timeless

There’s a good reason why this style will never go out of fashion – it’s simple but still elegant, without being excessive while still being comfortable to use on a daily basis.

Believe it or not, these are all qualities that never fail the test of time. It’s also a great benefit that they’re made of solid wood, which means they’re more likely to last for years long.

Shaker cabinets also feature joinery methods, which makes them exceptionally durable. They have simple but functional drawers, utilising dovetail joints for intensity and lasting beauty.

Shaker cabinets are really timeless in all aspects of design – it has a simplistic nature, which means the pieces will last long and well, the look doesn’t go out of fashion, and maybe the most interesting is that it stays relevant, being unaffected by the passing trends. This kitchen style is meant to stick around and be appreciated for years to come.

Shaker Cabinets are Easy to Maintain

Shaker style is all about minimalism and simplicity, which means they are all made to be easily cleaned without any tricky corners. What’s more, you can even opt for shaker cabinets with soft rounded corners to create a safer environment for kids and pets or add more visual appeal.

Also, because this style enjoys clean lines, its modest feel is nothing but a great advantage for more crowded spaces like the kitchen.

Shaker cabinets will never go out of style. And that’s something you should keep on top of your mind if you’re looking for timeless pieces of furniture. As long as people craft furniture that’s both aesthetically pleasing and functional, there will always be a place for pieces inspired by the gorgeous yet simple Shakers.

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