Should you hire a personal injury lawyer if a car accident wasn’t your fault?

Did you or anyone you know get injured in a car accident? If yes, then the first thought is whether you need to hire a personal injury lawyer. The truth is you are not obligated to hire an attorney. However, if you want things to go in your favor, hiring a personal injury lawyer is the best solution. It is especially true when you are not at fault because you need to file a lawsuit for recovering the compensation for all the damages.

A car accident often results in massive financial burdens. And that’s why you should know how to maximize your compensation. It is necessary to understand that the insurance company won’t be in your favor. Their objective is to reduce the money that they need to pay you. So, when you work with an expert personal injury attorney in Manhattan, it will maximize the likelihood of settlement. There are chances that the attorney will ensure that all the damages you witnessed get covered.

Your fault influences compensation.

Car accidents are increasing and creating massive personal damages. Few states use the policy of comparative negligence to decide the percentage of injuries a person can recover. Based on this doctrine, your damages might get reduced depending on the fault. For instance, if you are guilty of about 30% for the car accident, you can recover 70% of the real damage that occurred.

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Do you avert situations where the compensation gets wholly reduced? If yes, you need the expertise of an expert personal injury lawyer such as Dolman Law Group Accident Injury Lawyers, PA. Every insurance company will try and explain that your actions played a crucial role in the car accident. When you join hands with an attorney, your legal case acquires strength. Also, you have a legal expert presenting your case who will ensure that your fault percentage gets minimized.

Maximize the compensation

Can you decide on the overall extent of damages? A few of the financial losses, such as repairs for the medical bills and vehicle, are simple to document. It can cover only a part of the losses. Based on the specifications of your legal case, you can also recover the damages for:

  • Lost wages
  • Forthcoming medical bills linked with injuries
  • Suffering and pain
  • Reduced earning capacity of you can do your job

When you join hands with an expert personal injury lawyer, all these factors get considered while deciding on the damages. It will enable you to maximize the compensation value.

Managing negotiations

The insurance companies will make the initial settlement offer less than your legal case’s real worth. Additionally, they can ask you to sign a release or waiver that will stop you from pursuing added future compensation. The tactics can help insurance companies reduce the amount they are entitled to pay you.

An expert personal injury lawyer will successfully negotiate with the insurance company and make sure that you get a fair settlement. They will ensure that the compensation covers most, if not all, damages that you’ve undergone. If they feel accepting a settlement offer isn’t the best for their client, they are ready to fight for better compensation legally in court.

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