5 Signs It’s Time To Seek Therapy (And How To Find One)

Therapy : Speaking on a larger scale, only 40% of the total population receives therapy while others don’t.

Suicide is one of the leading global causes of human death. Speaking on a larger scale, only 40% of the total population receives therapy while others don’t.


Therapy obviously has significant benefits like developing self-love and self-acceptance, better understanding, healthy relationships, better physical health, and successful work life.

Seeking mental therapy might be a matter of choice, but the choice has to be made by you. It is high time that we accept: Depression and other sorts of psychological issues are as normal as diabetes with even worse consequences. In fact, stress is one of the prime causes of diabetes.

What is even more regretful is that a major population doesn’t even realize that it is in need of therapy.

Thus, in this article, I am enlisting 5 signs it’s time you must seek therapy. I have also added some tips on how to find one so that you don’t keep exploring the internet.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive straight into the signs:

1. Engulfing emotions

If you spend most of your day feeling engulfed by your emotions, issues, or sorrow, you are not alright honey. And it is absolutely alright to not be alright at times. What is wrong is holding on to such emotions without giving a thought to their remedies.

You might feel like there are a lot of imbalanced issues going on in your life. Pondering more on this can even lead to breathlessness. Do not let these thoughts engulf you, go for therapy.

2. Too much sleep

Do you doze off quite often in the name of taking a nap? 8 hours of sleep is a must for humans. Some people do fine with even 5 to 6 hours of rest. But, if you feel drowsy for hours on end, your hormones and emotions are in turmoil.

Taking these mini naps throughout the day will obviously not let you have a sound sleep at night. If you often find yourself complaining “I do not get a sound sleep at night” – it’s time you must start considering therapy.

3. Social Withdrawal

Many people are born introverts. Do they need a therapist? No. Being extremely social is no proof of mental health.

But if a person starts to distance oneself from close friends, family gatherings, get-togethers, and so on, especially when they did not mind being there earlier; he or she definitely lacks mental peace.

4. Agoraphobia

If you are scared of being at new places, if you feel trapped in small cabins, stressful situations lead to panic attacks, or if you become too breathless while leaving your own house – you must seek therapy. These are some common traits of people suffering from Agoraphobia.

5. Apathy

Apathy is a depressed state of mind where people lack interest in performing their regular activities. A person suffering from Apathy loses interest in life in general, hates being a part of discussions, and avoids any kind of gatherings.

He or She feels lethargic and might be in constant search of peace. You may brush it off as general health conditions and weakness, but this is Apathy and it indicates that you need to visit a mental therapist.

So, these were a few signs that it’s time to seek therapy; but how do you find one?

While searching for counseling services Australia, you might get several suggestions by the search engines. However, you need to look for certain qualities in your therapist to be able to seek benefits.

It takes just 3 simple steps:

  •  Due to the lack of a proper monetary system, almost anyone can claim to be a mental therapist. Ensure that your therapist holds an educational degree of Master’s from a recognized university.
  • Honey, your therapist might not be the best in Australia, but if you feel secure and peaceful with the one – go for it. Choose a therapist with whom you can relate and communicate the best.
  • We want a therapist and not a professor. You will meet therapists who keep compelling you to think and do activities that they want. Instead, you should look for a friendly therapist who suggests you the best with you still being able to make your own choices. An ideal therapist should give you satisfactory space and time to adapt to a changed lifestyle.


Hope the steps were helpful and you soon come up with a plumped-up spirit and an inspiring experience that motivates others to join the happier path!

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