5 Simple Investment Strategies for your Business Growth

Investing in your own company is the very essence of growth and success in the modern business world. If you’re not investing in the betterment of your operation, in seamless and solvent expansion, in efficiency and productivity, or innovation, then you’re frankly just standing in place waiting to get eaten by the bigger fish in the pond.

The key to staying one step ahead of the competition is to allocate resources into different departments over time, effectively scaling your operation and reaching towards your long-term goals. With that in mind, here are the five investments every entrepreneur should consider for the growth of their brand.

First off, invest in marketing

There is no way around it, people won’t just come to your doorstep out of the blue, you first need to send out a message that your brand exists. And without the use of digital and traditional marketing, chances are nobody will ever know that there is an amazing new company out there they should become a part of.

In the modern business world, marketing is the gateway to your ideal demographic; a powerful tool that will get your brand in front of the eyes and ears of your potential customers and clients. So naturally, your first order of business should be to invest in a comprehensive marketing strategy that will encompass online and offline brand awareness, dissemination, and authority. Remember, your amazing business idea can only come to life if people hear about it, so make sure you put aside a sizable marketing budget from the very beginning.

An assistant or two to keep the course steady

The office can become a hectic place, but what’s even scarier than a disorganized workplace is a disorganized workforce, and a disorganized mind. In order for an office space to thrive and the proverbial ship to stay on the right course, you should consider investing in crucial support staff such as office managers, and personal assistants.

Fortunately, these needn’t be costly investments, as you can outsource these job positions to professional virtual assistants – which is also a great way to find the best talent in the field. With an experienced VA at your side (even if that means only figuratively), you can delegate many of your menial tasks and focus on the core processes of running, and growing a company – a prudent investment with a strong ROI.

Rethink the viability of your office space

Having a physical office is no longer a necessity, especially for strictly digital business ventures, but it is nevertheless a valuable perk that can help your company grow. The ability to bring a devoted team together, and inspire them to work towards the same goals under one roof is one of the best ways to ensure a steady rise to prominence in your field.

However, running an office is costly business, so here’s what Australian entrepreneurs have been doing in recent years to battle the overheads while improving productivity. In the Land Down Under, business leaders are increasingly moving into co-working spaces such as this serviced office in Sydney and the likes, in order to position their company on a prominent address while offering their employees everything they could need to work and thrive on the job.

With the added benefit of networking and working alongside other professionals from a myriad of industries, these spaces are true breeding grounds for innovation, networking, and unabridged creativity. Follow this mindset, and consider replacing your suburb office for a serviced co-working space downtown.

Creating growth programs for your employees

The millennial workforce is a peculiar bunch. It used to be that a paycheck and the dread of losing a steady job were the key motivators for employees to stay in line, do their best, and eventually become content with their place in the company. Alas, no more. The millennial employee is not afraid to leave you at a moment’s notice if they don’t feel appreciated, or if they start feeling the weight of a dead-end job pushing down on their mind and soul.

Simply put, your job needs to offer growth, opportunity, and it needs to offer a bright future for aspiring, gifted individuals. By structuring comprehensive growth programs for your team members, you can improve your retention rate, and even attract the best people in your niche.

Be the innovator in the industry

In the modern business world, innovation is the driving force behind long-term success and prosperity. If you’re not innovating, you’re slowly falling behind, and you can rest assured that your competitors will outpace you over time. No matter how much your products and services might be in demand, there is a need to develop an innovation strategy that will help your brand stand out in the competitive market, and boost customer engagement. By investing in constant innovation, you will effectively build the traction and recognition your company deserves.

Investing in the steady growth of your business might be a priority, but the idea is oftentimes thwarted by the sheer amount of resources required to produce the desired ROI. With these investment ideas in your growth strategy, though, you can pave the road to a successful and solvent future in the business world.


Keith Coppersmith is an Adelaide based business consultant with a degree in Media Management. With experience in numerous small businesses and startups, he enjoys giving advice on all things marketing.


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