Benefits of Site Speed and Keyword Optimization

Keywords - Site Speed

Site speed and use of keywords are very critical when it comes to marketing your business. Optimizing your site speed and keywords will do more than increase traffic to your site. Here is the importance of optimizing your site speed and keywords.

Importance of Optimizing Site Speed 

Prospective clients can get frustrated by poor site speed. This is a primary reason why page visitors exit web pages. This can reduce the number of visits to your site and reduce leads. According to research, more than 50 percent of internet users want a site to load within two seconds. If your page takes longer than that, they will get frustrated and go to the next page that has better loading speeds. More studies have revealed that about 75 percent of internet users will not go back to a site if, according to their experience, they spent over four seconds waiting for the page to load. It is important to optimize the speed of your website since it impacts your bottom line. (Source)

Importance of Optimizing Keywords 

1. Building your Brand

Developing a brand needs you to consider what you offer and what people say about it. When it comes to website optimization, you need to offer content that corresponds to the interests and needs of your audience, then find ways to get links to that particular content from other web pages. There are programs that you can use to be able to do this type of research. If you keep this in mind as you create your SEO strategy, you can pick keywords and develop content that relates to the image you want your brand to possess. Your online presence will show your ideal branding and aid you in establishing it with your target users.

2. Getting Traffic

The objective of optimizing SEO is to boost the rankings of your site in search results. Additionally, through high rankings, you want to obtain more traffic and convert it into leads and customers.

3. Free Marketing 

One of the biggest benefits of SEO is that it does not need you to pay for ad space. The disadvantage of paying for ad space is that you need to keep paying for it to get results. If you stop paying for ad space, you will stop getting results. The way Google’s algorithm works is by ranking higher those pages it thinks are offering the most value to users. Therefore, SEO optimization will rank you on the first page just like paid ad spaces. You will enjoy the same benefits as pages that have paid for ad spaces without incurring any cost.

4. Helps Your Audience to Find You 

SEO can aid your business to be visible to your audience as they actively look for information. Due to the popularity of search engines in helping consumers find information regarding services and products, this is a great opportunity. About 62 percent of consumers use search engines when learning more regarding a new service, product, or business. Additionally, 41 percent of consumers use search engines when they are buying a product or service. This means that in case you want your business to appear in the online search process of a user, you need to optimize it with keywords linked to services or products you provide. Research shows that 48 percent of customers prefer visiting the official site of a business to find out more about them. (Source)

5. It Improves Authority and Credibility 

The internet has numerous resources that aid consumers in learning about their options prior to making a purchase. Use of SEO optimization aids you in becoming part of this learning process. When you develop valuable and informative content, you have the chance to build credibility and trust with prospective clients early in the research process. After reading your content, the consumer will subscribe to your mailing list if they like the content. After receiving your content for some time, they will turn to you for the product when they are ready to buy.


Generating leads and converting them to sales is not a short process. But with patience and a site that has been optimized with speed and keywords, you will generate sales.

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