10 Best Sites Like Masteranime to Watch English Dubbed Anime

Masteranime is well known and a top contender in the anime streaming space. The worst part of this situation is that their administrator has made their website inaccessible due to copuyright claims (masteranime shut down). Their well-designed UI makes it easy to search through their media collection for anime programs and movies.

There are two versions anime content on the Masteranime website: the dubbed and the subtitled, both of which are available in HD. While others search for even more features and choices when viewing anime. In this section, we’ve rounded together 10 great Masteranime alternative services.

We conducted research on this in many websites and found the following websites to have the best and most significant features and alternatives. As a result, users can select their preferred website from the list below. If you are aware of another anime streaming website, you have the option of selecting your preferred website for watching anime series online.

While not all anime series are available on a single website, you can search for your favorite series on these websites for fun and entertainment. Then, peruse the following websites to locate a solid alternative to Masteranime for watching anime series, movies, and shows online.

What Is Masteranime?

Masteranime is an acclaimed streaming site where you can easily watch unlimited streaming anime in high quality without any subscription. It was established few years back with the help of the innovative Vstream software by Masamitsu Honda, a Japanese Internet entrepreneur. Masteranime is a popular and dominant Japanese streaming site. Many talks about such sites are also taken into consideration in the list for Masteranime.

Masteranime would be considered as one of the best alternatives to Crunchyroll and Anime Cafe. Crunchyroll was launched not long back and it is extremely popular among people residing in the USA and UK. Anime cafe was launched recently and is extremely popular in various parts of Asia like Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, and India.

12 Best Sites Like Masteranime to Watch English Dubbed Anime

Masteranime is a popular site in this space, but there are plenty of competitors to choose from. The following sites are all favorites among anime aficionados, so you can browse them for yourself if you like. Choose from these Masteranime alternatives based on their qualifications, if you like.


Kissanime was previously the most popular anime website, which came about due to its dominance of all other websites in the previous few years. For no cost, Kissanime offers the customer access to its service. As they can focus on enhancing their service with their workers having more consistent schedules, they are able to provide speed and optimization for their customers.

Kissanime is only one of the better options as a replacement for Masteranime. the Kissanime (it’s the home to a huge anime movie and series database) It’s where you can enjoy seeing cartoons. They have an additional benefit of giving a high-definition viewing experience to its users.


Because they have no introduction, GoGoanime is immensely popular on this platform. On the day it becomes live, the anime is instantly made available to its users. For their users, GoGoAnime offers a variety of content that contains cartoons, anime, foreign shows, and movies. When it comes to this site’s subtitles, the opportunity to personalize them is found in the media.

This GoGoanime has easy to access English subtitles for users. The website contains content with a high security clearance. It is encrypted for the user’s benefit. In comparison to the Masteranime, this site has the most recent episodes available for streaming as well as the source code.


It’s a paradise for anime fans. Anime Heaven has free anime programs and movies. To help its customers organize their data and to make their material easier to find, this website uses its content classifications and search tools. AnimeHeaven has a strong global presence in terms of how well it performs on PCs and mobile devices. The website has a download option that the user can use to get the higher quality files they desire.

Anime Heaven keeps its site up to date and does so frequently. The big perk of these sites is that they have no adverts and don’t allow users to jump to any other site. They put together the various series of the year’s episodes into boxes each year. Among the Masteranime alternatives, this site is among the best.


Crunchyroll is widely considered the first choice in Masteranime alternatives. A whopping 25,000 episodes can be found on the internet alongside 15,000 hours of anime, according to the data.

Crunchyroll has a huge selection of series, many of which are highly popular, and every one of them is provided with English subtitles. For the videos hosted on this site, the service offers High Definition (HD) and 720p resolution.

To view this series, users must register on this website. This may be seen on Windows, Android, iOS, PlayStation, Chromecast, Xbox, Wii U, Roku Box, and many other popular operating systems. Languages like French, Spanish, and others can be used to translate the information of this website.


The Animeland have some fantastic choices in alternative animation dubbing like Masteranime. It provides its customers with a free service. It additionally fails to force people to create a profile on their site. More than 20,000 anime episodes are available to Animeland’s members. The site provides an accessible dubbed anime catalog for their customers to enjoy.

This website is a lot easier to use because they sort their content alphabetically, as well as breaking down their information into multiple parts. Additionally, the consumers can use the premium and free versions. In which this website is accessible to all users via its open source design. On the Animeland website, customers subscribe to purchase subscriptions.


JustDubs offers a fantastic user experience with free, quality anime content. A great thing about this website is that it offers numerous easy-to-use layout designs and a huge library of anime movies. Anime Show TV’s remarkable website contains a discussion area, in which the viewers can debate anime movies and interact with each other.

The JustDubs website has several different categories, such as popular and most watched, to sort through the variety of shows. The user will remain on their website because of this. The only thing that frustrates the user on this website is that they have more adverts and occasionally it redirects them via the hidden links on this page to another website. It is one of the best options for the Masteranime website.


CartoonCrazy is one of Masteranime’ greatest alternatives. They offer a vast range of the most popular and greatest animated shows. The users do not ask for an account to be created or registered for use on this website and it is open to all users.

The best user-friendly interface is provided on the CartoonCrazy website. It also categorized anime samples to save the search time of users. It is classified as top rating, highly watched, trending, latest episodes, etc., with different languages of the subtitle.


Sidereel is one of the most popular Masteranime websites. This website is not designed to animate, but includes various films, cartoons, dramas, and television shows of many different genres.

Later Sidereel is most known for the animation shows and films which get us here. Sidereel doesn’t give the current update, however they have an old anime series and more films on the Sidereel website.


AnimeStreams is one of the best alternatives to the Website of Masteranime. It is also best known for its attractive UI. The content of this web site is quite similar to Masteranime and uses a graphic user interface.

AnimeStreams categorized their anime episode, and because of its well optimized consumers have an excellent speed. This provides videos of high definition (HD) quality.


WatchDub is one of the greatest Masteranime alternatives. It’s identical to the Masteranime on their website. WatchDub’s key feature is the multimedia player for its users. You may also view dubbed anime via YouTube. Read youtube.com/Enable YouTube on your TV for enabled.

Final Thoughts

Thus, the above stated alternatives to Masteranime are some of the greatest and excellent. All of the websites mentioned above are free of charge and others such as Crunchyroll have subscription plans. If the Masteranime seek a good alternative, we propose that you choose one of them.

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