Top 11 Sites Like Newasiantv and Alternatives (Top Picks)

Newasiantv is a website that offers free online streaming of Asian dramas and movies. It has a large selection of titles from various countries, including China, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. The site is easy to use and has a clean interface. It is a great option for those looking for a way to watch their favorite Asian shows and movies without having to pay for a subscription.

Looking for free alternatives and sites similar to Newasiantv? You’ve come to the right website. Rather than wasting time searching for alternatives, we will present you with a comprehensive list of free websites that function similarly to Newasiantv.

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List of the 11 Best sites like Newasiantv and alternatives

#1. KDramaHood

KDramaHood tops the list of alternatives to Newasiantv. To put it simply, it’s a website where you can view Korean dramas with English subtitles. The show’s original taste is preserved while complex dialogues can be learned and understood with ease.

They have a wide variety of shows to choose from, so there’s bound to be something for everyone. They are devoted to their work and understand the importance of maintaining international relationships.

Watching Korean movies with subtitles is very easy on KDramaHood, making it accessible to viewers of all skill levels. Give it a go if you’re bored and need something entertaining to watch.

#2. Dramacool9

After KDramaHood, Dramacool9 is the next best Newasiantv alternative. Every day, millions of people use it to access a database of Korean dramas available in seamless HD resolution.

Showtimes and critiques of Korean dramas are also available. Dramacool9 is the only website where you can view all of the Korean dramas without having to pay anything or wait through annoying commercials.

They’re widely recognized as the most prominent global platform for watching Korean television dramas, attracting millions of viewers from all over the world.

#3. DramaNice

DramaNice is the third best alternative to Newasiantv. It’s based on Korean films and dramas. A large number of books are freely accessible here without the need to sign up or download anything. Users of Dramafire can download videos for later viewing.

Subtitles, curated suggestions, and the ability to filter by genre are just some of the extras it offers. Watching popular Korean dramas and movies is a breeze on DramaNice.

#4. KissAsian

KissAsian is the number four site on the list of alternatives to Newasiantv. It’s a website that caters to consumers’ desires for a wide range of Asian media. At KissAsian, you may stream or download more than a thousand different shows, movies, dramas, and documentaries.

KissAsian caters to people who prefer to watch movies and TV shows on their computers or mobile devices. Their intention is to improve your spare time. It’s really simple nowadays.

Lucky you, if you’re interested in Asian culture; here you’ll find hours of fun. If you’re stuck at home waiting for your next big trip, will help you pass the time.

#5. Kshow123


Now we come to Kshow123, our fifth pick for sites like Newasiantv. In other words, it’s a website that offers a wide variety of Asian dramas, particularly from Korea. The appealing design of the interface makes it quick and simple to locate the needed drama.

Everyone has experienced the frustration of trying to find something in person but coming up empty. That’s what prompted them to create Kshow123 for fans to watch online Korean shows with Eng subtitles in high quality.

#6. TDrama

TDrama - sites like Newasiantv and alternatives

The sixth site on the list of sites like Newasian tv is It is a legal and free website for anybody interested in watching Korean dramas who speak English.

They provide subtitles for all of your favorite Marvel Studio Korean dramas. Marvel Studio is the fastest-growing content supplier in Asia.

You can view as many drama episodes as possible on their website without having to subscribe to a costly service like Netflix or Hulu.

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You may also sign up for a VIP subscription if you enjoy viewing dramas and want access to new releases and other benefits.

In addition, they offer several viewing platforms, including iPhone/iPad, Android smartphones and tablets, as well as Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Safari browsers online!

#7. Asianload

The next site on the list of sites like Newasiantv is Asianload. It is a website that presents the best Korean drama material to global users who want to immerse themselves in their televisions by providing a synopsis of the cast, plot, and what the viewer can expect when viewing.

When looking for romance, humor, suspense, or horror, website visitors can find popular and high-quality Kdramas. From every region of Asia throughout the world, Asianload offers its viewers a distinct flavour.

#8. Yepdrama

The eighth site on the list of sites similar new asian tv is Yepdrama. This website categorizes Korean dramas according to their categories and release dates.

Yes, Yepdrama features a basic design that enables users to rapidly locate dramas by name or genre. You may believe that this website only monitors dramas for Korean dramas.

However, you are misinformed, as it also records Vietnamese and Chinese dramas if you are interested in these types of television programs. This website is ideal for everyone, from casual listeners to diehard fans searching for their favorite shows.

#9. Asiantaxi

Asiantaxi is ranked ninth on sites like Newasiantv‘s list. It is the most well-known portal in Korea for streaming banned Korean dramas, variety shows, and original Asian entertainment. Asian Taxi allows you to watch the best Internet TV on your computer or TV at any time of day or night.

Faithful Wife Club,” “Successful Single Lady,” “As The Day Goes By,” “No Man Knows,” “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds,” and others are among their original series.

Asian Taxi also offers a subscription service to its users, as well as amenities like as subtitles in a variety of languages for different types of audiences. AsianTaxi will always be your preferred destination for catching up on your favorite dramas, variety shows, and unique Asian TV programming!

#10. AsianWiki – Watch Korean Drama, KShows and Asian Drama in English Sub

AsianWiki is ranked tenth on sites like Newasiantv’s list. It is a website dedicated to fans of South Korean dramas. They provide a wide range of content, such as links to publications, news updates, and more.

Because they take the time to translate everything on their site, native English speakers may enjoy it! There are also numerous unique features, such as notifications when new episodes or content become available. You’ll constantly be aware of what’s going on in the latest drama you’re viewing.

#11. Dramabeans

Last on the list, is dramabeans. They have links to articles, news updates, and more, among other things.

They take the time to translate everything on their site so that people who speak English as their first language can enjoy it.

There are also a lot of features that aren’t found anywhere else, like RECAPS when new episodes air or when new content goes live.

Final thoughts on sites like Newasiantv

So, those are the Top 11 Newasiantv alternative sites in 2022 for watching Korean Drama, KShows and Asian Drama in English Sub free! We think you’re happy now that you’ve read this article. Find more alternatives.

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