Six Easy Ways to Make a Website Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendly website

live in a time when the use of mobile internet has surpassed the use of computers. Ever since the first
smartphone was released, mobile devices have become a commonality which is
quite integral to our everyday life. Whether it is an item that people want to
buy or information that they need, people depend on their mobile internet no
matter where they are.

Therefore, there is an urgency with which web designing
needs to meet the need of the hour, i.e. make websites more mobile-friendly.
While you can create a website that is completely efficient for running on a
computer, sites need to be optimized to fit into a mobile screen without losing
their essence. You can avail the services of any website design company in
Mumbai to ensure there is seamless integration between your computer
screen and smartscreen devices.

is a list of six easy ways you can adopt for a web design that works perfectly
on mobile devices:

1. Move towards
Mobile-first Design –

If you are looking for mobile-friendly experience,
any web design company will be able to help you. These companies have the
experience and expertise in using their technological knowledge such as
Cascading Style Sheets to ensure consistency across devices and screen sizes.

Browsers for desktops and mobile phones will employ a different set of CSS
instructions, and your agency should know how to deploy the CSS for perfect
synergy between the two.

2. Use Flash Judiciously –

One of the first steps
that an agency will do is address all the factors affecting the speed and
load times of your website. Some experts will suggest not to use Flash as it
can slow down the speed of your site.

But, trained professionals know how to
use technology to provide awesome images and videos. These will play perfectly
on all devices, especially mobiles, to increase user engagement.

3. Use large button sizes
that are easy to use on mobile –

One of the essential features of the mobile is
the screen size. Encouraging users to engage with CTAs requires their
prominence placement while ensuring they are easy to click.

if you are dealing with multiple buttons that are placed fairly close to each
other, it may take away from the user’s experience.

4. Allow easy switch between different views or versions –

Many people today switch
from computer screens to mobile screens, looking for consistency. A
reputed company in Mumbai will be able to help you both. You have to
ensure you are accessible to your users on devices of their choice.

5. Adhere to best practices for mobile optimization –

As mentioned above,
today, search engines give higher rankings to mobile-first designs. You need a
good company to help you with the right size of text, images,
buttons, pages and distance of links and other features like animation.

6. Avoid common mistakes –

Any designing agency will tell you that
ignoring the basics can cost your users to lose interest and move elsewhere.
For example, not planning the user journey or not creating internal and
external links. First of all, you should not block CSS, JavaScript or image

Next, do not put up unplayable content, recheck your redirects, 404
errors, irrelevant crosslinks and never be aggressive about requesting users to
download your app.

A good design company will know how to help with creating a
customized site that not only looks good but is easily indexed by the search

You can simplify the whole process by availing the services of a reputed website
design company in Mumbai to handle all aspects of web design.

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