These Smart Devices Ensure Lasting Comfort at Home

More and more devices at home are connected to your WiFi network. They do everything to make you as comfortable as possible at home. The top 6 smart devices can be found in this overview.

What is a smart house?

What is a smart house? You may wonder; very simple it is a house where things are arranged for you. The Google Nest thermostat, the good smoke detector (which Nest also has) controls the heating in the house better and better, your curtains open and close automatically with an app on your phone. The other product from them, the Google Home, is precisely to control a lot of things in the house, ask questions (voice command) and get answers (What will the weather be like in Amsterdam?) And much more.

Smart Devices Ensure

You probably also had a clock radio in the past (or now), and a microwave too: these home devices are all examples of a smart house. They are devices and techniques that make your house work for you: so very easy.

A healthier life with Fitbit

Do you have good intentions to live healthier this year? Let the Fitbit help you get off to a good start. You wear it like a watch and connect it to. The smart device keeps track of your activities and tells you how your health is doing. It measures your heart rate, the number of steps you take, your sleep pattern and the amount of calories burned per day. That saves you a subscription to the gym.

The household by a robot vacuum cleaner

It almost sounds too good to be true: a robot that does the household. These days you have robotic vacuum cleaners that are happy to lend a hand. Do you also want to purchase one? Then check which floor the robot vacuum cleaner is suitable for and whether it can, for example, cross a threshold. You can even control some models via an app on your phone or have the floor mopped.

Extra safe due to smart locks

Nowadays you open and close your doors with a smart lock. You can use your smartphone as a key and you no longer have to walk to the front door. You will also see an overview of opening and closing the door, so that you can see remotely who is coming home.

No more dead plants with this checker

Even cacti don’t survive with you? Then the flower and plant checker might be something for you. You put it in the pot to check the moisture content of the soil. The smart gadget makes contact with your smartphone, so you always see when your plant needs water. In addition, the device also checks the light and temperature, so that your plant grows in an optimal environment. Living plants always bring that little bit of extra cosiness into your home.

Make it easy with Google Home Mini

Google Home Mini is the small wireless speaker from Google that gives you spoken commands or asks a question. You activate the smart device by saying “Hey Google” or “OK Google”.

What can Google Home Mini do for you?

Play music, set a timer, check flight times, look up traffic for you or switch on the lights.

A smart fridge for every household

For families this is a real asset in the kitchen. It sometimes happens that your child drinks the last sip from a package and forgets to report this. With a smart fridge you can manage your stock anytime and anywhere. The fridge is equipped with a camera on the inside. Even if you have no inspiration for dinner, the fridge will help you propose a meal based on the products you have.

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