Smartwatch Video Call: Top 5 Smart Video Calling Options


In this digital era, it is super convenient to get hold of amazing technology to bring you face-to-face with others virtually, be it for work or other social causes. Technology has simplified our lives so much that now we only need to look at our watches to get in touch with another person. Smartwatch video calls are a thing of the digital age that is competing itself in the market given the number of brands producing them.

Here are some of the best choices of home device video calling options:

  1. Nest Hub Max
  2. Amazon Echo Show
  3. Facebook Portal
  4. Wristcam Video Call Band for Apple Watch

If you are, however, interested in taking a leap and are looking for a hi-tech, modern device for video on the go – even without a phone, the Wristcam video calling band is your answer! This smartwatch video call band is a wireless communication band powered by Bluetooth with a RAM size of 8GB. Its compact camera system is compatible with an Apple watch and comes with automatic firmware upgrades and Siri integration. This band will be your best friend during those long walks as features such as live video messaging will keep you safe and help you alert the authorities as quickly as possible.

Why Are These Smart Video Calling Options The Best?

1. Nest Hub Max

Nest Hub Max is an accessory of Google that offers video calling options. Quite futuristic, this is a 10-inch touchscreen that can be controlled by navigation and allows you to video call. You can lift your hand in a “stop” gesture to pause the activity of the speaker; say if you are playing a song, it pauses when you hold your hand up.

Google Assistant will guide you through a lot of things and you can control various connected appliances through simple voice commands, right from initiating a video call to controlling your TV.

Nest Hub uses Google Duo for video calling on both Android and iPhone. Its auto-framing feature allows you to zoom, tilt, as well as pan the camera to keep the user in the center of the frame.

For the initial setup, you need to have an account on Google after that the usage is smooth. Just say, “Hey Google, call Dad.”

2. Amazon Echo Show

Echo Show is an accessory from Amazon that lets you control smart home devices and media. Its smart display has a camera for video calling and its display ranges from 5, 8, and 10 inches. You can take help from Alexa to video call on Skype using some voice commands such as “Alexa, call Mom on Skype” and end calls with “Alexa, end call.”

Amazon Echo Show is super compatible with all popular computer and mobile platforms and connects with almost anyone in the world. It is compatible with both iPhones and Androids and can be accessed even from a computer’s web browser or the Echo Show device. You can even connect with people who don’t have a video set up with their regular number.

Echo Show comes with a 2-2/10 inch speaker that lets out the best quality sound. For loud music, it is the optimum choice.

3. Facebook Portal

Facebook’s portal is yet another standalone smart video calling option just like Echo Show and Nest Hub Max. It has a 10-inch screen with a camera that is a niche player in the smart video calling field. For all the devout Facebook devotees, it offers WhatsApp and/or Facebook Messenger to avail video calling option. You can use voice commands or the touchscreen to make a call, say, “Hey Portal, call Jane.”

You can reach anyone through the Facebook portal as it can be accessed both on computers and mobiles. Plus, it has some cool features:

  • Virtually hack-proof video privacy can completely cover your camera
  • The ability to switch off the camera and the mike
  • Smart camera tech to pan and zoom to keep you in frame

4. Wristcam Video Call Band for Apple Watch

If you own an Apple watch, this Wristcam band is the perfect women’s safety device. It comes with live video messaging, image stabilization, and Siri integration. You can charge it with a cable which is supported by the Apple watch series 1 to 6. With wristbands from Wristcam, you will be able to alert officials or nearby ones with just a click (live video messaging). Your hands remain free and your apple watch features get activated by voice commands (Siri integration).

The Bottom Line: Which is The Best Smart Video Calling Option?

Mobile devices have access to a variety of free video calling options such as Zoom and Whatsapp but if you want a device that suits your video calling needs on the go, what better than having a video calling band on your smartwatch? Unlike home devices, smartwatch video calls are super mobility-friendly and have no support for ad-hoc items.

Moreover, smartwatch video calls are now the new norm as trends around the world. Mobiles need to be synced with smartwatches to avail of this video calling feature.


Can you access the internet on a smartwatch?

Smartwatches operate by connecting to either cellular data or WiFi. Once on the internet grid, smartwatches can run apps like Uber, GPS, Gmail, and Twitter, and even receive alerts of messages. Now, how do you connect it to the internet? Simply sync it with your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Can a smartwatch work without WiFi?

No, smartwatches cannot work without being synced with your smartphone’s cellular data or WiFi. It needs the internet for video and audio calls. However, if you are wondering if your smartwatch needs its own service plan, then no. depending on the make of your smartwatch, it will be connected to your smartphone via WiFi or Bluetooth.

How does a smartwatch connect to your phone?

Install the app that comes with the smartwatch on your smartphone. For android, the app you need is Android Wear whereas, for Apple, it’s Watch. Click on whichever of these apps you have and turn on Bluetooth. Voila! Your smartwatch is now synced to your smartphone.

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