Well, with an umpteen varieties of options available in bindings, most preferred bindings are, of course, traditional and rear entry snowboarding bindings.

A wide range of bindings available in the market are based on the traditional ones. You should know that the rear entry bindings are also no less in their features!


In traditional snowboarding bindings, you can see two separate straps. One strap goes around the ankle and the other one over your toes. Thus, ensuring a safe and secure lock to your boots.

The core advantage of having two separate straps is that you can adjust the straps independently without any hassle. Also, you are free to adjust the pressure of each strap according to your comfort and convenience.

On the other hand, in rear entry snowboarding bindings, they usually come with a single strap. The strap is sturdy enough to hold both ankles and toes firmly. With its design, it looks as if there are two straps. As there are two distinct sections in it, they appear to be so.

You can adjust the straps according to your convenience. But, mostly, adjusting one strap will affect the adjustment of other straps. Some brands provide the ease of adjusting the heel strap and toe strap independently.


In traditional snowboard bindings, the high-back is fixed. Thus, the high-back cannot be altered as it is designed to stay in one place.

Of course, a high back-angle can be adjusted somehow for a comfortable experience. You just need to adjust the high back-angle in such a way that it is more upright or it just leans a forward a bit. In this way, you can be sure that your feet are safely secured and comfortable.

You should know that this strap in binding does not provide the option of opening the high-back right there and adjusting it.

In rear entry snowboard bindings, it provides the freedom to adjust the angle according to your comfort. It is more like the traditional snowboard bindings wherein you are free to adjust the high back-angle.

But, in speed entry snowboard bindings you can have the privilege of unlocking it and adjusting it as per your comfort.

When you unlock it, you can see them swinging back allowing to open up. Thus, while opening up, it tends to be completely horizontal. This is because to provide extreme comfort while adjusting the high back-angle as per your convenience.

You are free to choose any angle that is comfortable and safe. According to the snowboarding binding reviews, after making some trial and error, you can get to know which angle suits the best for you. So, determine it, then, set the angle and lock it.

Getting In And Getting Out:

In the traditional snowboard binding, you are asked to undo the straps of your snowboard boot to fit it in your snowboard binding.

While getting in and even during getting out, you need to follow the undoing of your straps every time.

Some snowboarders have a practice of following the procedure in a standing position. Well, the rest of the snowboarders rely on sitting position while carrying out this procedure.

Especially beginners are basically just beginning to get used to the preliminaries. Thus, they usually carry on the step by opting to sit and proceed. Thus, it is quite evident that one feels the process is comparatively a bit slower than that of the rear entry snowboard bindings.

In rear entry snowboard binding, getting in and getting out is simply easy. To get in, you need to unlock the high-back and open it out. Thus, it allows you to place your snowboard boot properly in.

Now, all you need to do is to simply close the high-back over your boot’s back. Do not forget to secure it by properly locking it in.

You just need to adjust the straps however you want at the beginning of the day. Then, you can easily enjoy getting in and getting out of the bindings the entire day! Thus, you can enjoy the quick and easy process of getting in and getting out really faster and hassle-free!

Also, this process doesn’t demand you to sit down and do the procedure. In fact, it is more difficult to carry out this process while sitting down.

With dedication and practice, it is no wonder that you can strap in on the go without any hassle.

Some of the higher end rear entry snowboard bindings offer an amazing system. This allows the high-back to swing as soon as the straps are lifted. Thus, easing out the process of getting in and getting out!

Well, this piece of content is successful in enriching your knowledge about the snowboarding bindings.

Now, it is over to you! Go with the binding which matches your requirements, which is capable of providing you an ease of comfort.

Even though the strap-in bindings are slower, it is completely independent of the adjustments. Whereas, the rear entry bindings surely speed up the process but having its own issues with adjustments in ankle and toe.

Make sure of the needs, requirements, budget, and any other particular features you are looking for. Tally the same, get the best snowboard bindings and get going!

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