Social Media Marketing Tips for Pre-Planned Corporate Event Live Streaming

Social Media: Want to reach large and right kind of audience on social media for your pre-planned live streaming event easily? Here are some Social Media Marketing Ideas for Pre-Planned Corporate Event Live Streaming you to follow.

For any event’s success you need to reach large and right kind of audience. By building you and your company a reputation on social media and staying in touch with your audiences regularly gives a stable audience base. Gaining an audience is a major challenge and advertising requires spending huge chunk of finances which only an established organization can afford. For an entrepreneur who is still struggling to make a name, this is an impossible task. Social media is no longer a novelty, it is now a necessity.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram all have introduced live video streaming services to their platforms and the brands are adjusting their social strategies accordingly. Live videos add a human touch as compared to images and texts, one big reason why audiences prefer live video more. By live streaming to social media channels, you are creating an eye-catching content that boosts your positioning, attracts viewers and lures them back to your website for more. With so many platforms available, it is hard to focus on just one, so several organizations have started giving equal time to each platform.

In order to impart knowledge about your live broadcasting event, place advertisement through account/ channel/ page on various social channels. It is important to follow well planned and effective live streaming strategies for different social media platforms so that all channels comes out as a successful medium.

Facebook Live Streaming

Facebook live streaming lets you broadcast real-time video to Facebook with the help of a mobile device or computer.

YouTube Live Streaming

With YouTube live streaming you can reach and interact with your target audience in real time by choosing to teach a class or hosting live or streaming a video game and more.

Periscope Live Streaming

Periscope live streaming is an Android and iOS app that enables you to experience and share live video streams directly from your tablet or smartphones.

Instagram Live Streaming

With Instagram live streaming you can stream videos to Instagram stories and engage the audiences in real time, an alert intimates the followers that they can view the stream live.

Social media marketing tips

Social media marketing tips for success:

  • Live stream on multiple platforms – With the help of various devices, events can be live streamed side by side on multiple platforms like Periscope, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter which will multiply your reach instantly.
  • Timing – Always pays attention to the timings of the live stream for maximum reach. Make sure you select a time when most of the users are online. For an entertainment event, you can choose weekends and official events like conferences; weekdays will suit the office going populace best. Also, check the analytics before setting the time.
  • Choose a platform that gives you maximum audience – Live video streaming services offers different sort of engagement on different social media platforms. The analytics will reveal all. Opt for a platform and live stream where the potential audiences are more likely to be online.
  • Email blasts – If you already have a strong user base, send mass emails and inform the users about your upcoming event along with the timing and platform/ URL you are going to live stream. This conventional technique of advertising never goes a waste.
  • Guests’ attending – Let the audience know if there are any reputable personalities attending your event as a chief guest. Making use of a person’s reputation is one of the basic marketing techniques of selling a product.
  • Cover every social media platform – Do not leave out any social media platform while advertising, cover all like Periscope, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook. Let your audiences know where they can tune into to watch the live stream as ask them to share the URL with as many as they can.
  • YouTube video advertising – YouTube lets you reach more audiences, particularly if the video advertising becomes viral. YouTube videos have a wider reach and there are more chances of the video being shared on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Periscope and more.
  • Constant updates – With the help of timing and sharing partial content of the event with the followers, you can build suspense. This will garner more attention as the followers might find it interesting and spread a word about your event. Try including images instead of text as it catches more attention. Create images that comprises of appealing information about the event.
  • Create images, trailers and teasers – Make use of appropriate images which can be a general one to let the users know what to expect from the event. Tease your rehearsals, preparations and more to generate interest. Invest on trailers; this will make the users aware about the content regarding what will be covered as how is it going to benefit them.

About the author –

Mayra is a passionate designer and a personal blogger. Her interest is in researching the latest technologies in the social media world. She is currently researching about live streaming services and solutions like Facebook, Youtube, Periscope, Google Hangout & more. In her free time she loves to travel and reading fiction books.

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