Some Concerns About Baby Drooling Resolved


Drooling is very common in babies, especially from 3 to 6 months of age. In fact, even if your baby drool in excess during that period, it’s known to be normal. However, if the unintentional flow of saliva increases with time, it’s not a healthy sign. You need to look into the causes and treatments for excessive baby drooling. Only a baby drool bib is not enough to look after anything abnormal.

So, to make you aware of what exactly to expect, make sure you understand everything we are going to discuss in the article.

The Concerns and Treatments

First of all, don’t confuse drooling with sudden drooling. If the child suddenly drools and is unable to speak, call the emergency number immediately to get first aid treatment. Now, let’s start with some regular concerns many people face.

Drooling Between The Age Of 3 To 6 Months

Some people are overly concerned with their infant drooling when she is 3 to 6 months old. It is because that age is meant to drool normally. Also, when the child becomes a little fussy and might want to chew something, it’s all normal. Just make sure that the child has something to put in his mouth may be a pacifier, and doesn’t bite his own fingers.

The Child Has Some Pain While Swallowing

Experiencing pain while swallowing can be due to fever, or a sore throat. If this is the case, the child might not want to eat anything. The cause behind such a situation is a viral infection, tonsils, or streptococcal infection.

To treat the infection, call a trusted pediatrician who gives you further course of action according to the severity.

Some Painful Spots Inside Your Child’s Mouth

Again, it can be due to infection in the tongue or gums. Herpes can also be a possible reason for these painful spots. Do the same that is called a pediatrician to find the further course of action according to the situation.

A Severe Sore Throat That Leaves The Child Gasping For Air

A sore throat has various causes like epiglottis. Take your child to the nearest hospital to get the treatment done. The situation is not manageable at home. Nevertheless, you can always take some precautionary steps to avoid the threat of this situation totally. Make sure you have vaccinations for your child in the early stages.

The Child Is Trying To Cough But Is Unsuccessful

This situation is also linked to excessive drooling. However, if the child is also speech-deprived and his face is turning blue, it is due to choking. It is an emergency situation. The reason we mention it here is that excessive drooling, if not controlled, can lead to choking as well. The first step is to call the emergency local number and then do some chest compression on your baby. Always be aware of how to prevent such situations well in advance. Talk to your doctor about it.

Precautions From Your Side

Whatever the situation may be, make sure you have the local emergency number. Have a trusted pediatrician and ask questions to clarify every doubt about the child. The precautionary are mentioned below.

  • Get enough explanations for the child. 
  • Take advice from the pediatrician to start anything new. 
  • Have baby bandana bibs and all the related drooling baby products in your bag. 
  • Make all the arrangements if you want to travel with the child. 
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