Speech Analytics – How Important Is AI In Call Tracking?


Are you looking for the right speech analytics services to enhance your business calls? Here’s a look at how AI can help.

Do you use call tracking? 

  • You might want to add speech analytics to the process. Speech analytics can record, playback, and analyze calls seamlessly. Here is how it can help:Decode and gather customer related information. 
  • Improve communication and make changes to enhance future interactions. 
  • Streamline information that may be useful to get more leads in the long run.

As many as 43% of a businesses’ leads come from the phone. If you aren’t using call tracking the right way, you are losing out on business. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing how we work, from the tech industry to healthcare. Here’s how AI can help:

  1. Companies and agencies can reduce the need for manual labor, as well as hiring costs. 
  2. AI offers deeper insights for speech analytics.

The Top Reasons You Need  Speech Analytics AI In Call Tracking 

Here are all the other reasons you will love AI for speech analytics and call tracking.

  1.   Enhancing The Consumer Experience 

With the correct implementation of a few ground rules and workable strategies, you can turn your business into an entirely automated setup. Since the bulk of your activities will be automated, you can rely on AI to improve upon your current customer service standards in more ways than one. This will minimize your costs and provide a quicker, more personalized experience for customers, as is detailed in the following points.

  1.   Customized Interactions 

AI speech analytics has the ability to process customer information much quicker than regular tools. Therefore, every conversation is listened to with the utmost attention, and the extracted information is processed according to preset individual preferences.

AI customizes this information because it has access to previously recorded caller requests as well. This ensures that the suggestions provided are better suited to a customer’s needs and not just generalized solutions for broad scenarios.

AI is also able to predict a consumer’s potential expectations, so customer service representatives can cater to their needs in time while keeping their set account information in mind.

  1.   Improved Online Security 

Internet security or cyber security is a growing concern for businesses all over the world, specifically those that deal with customer information on a daily basis. This is a particularly sensitive matter because this information consists of personal and payment details.

Speech analytics that have been integrated with AI can identify potential scammers right off the bat. This is because they have access to previously recorded keywords and voice memos based off of calls tracked in the past. This way, the analytics systems can notify the staff if any information is under risk from fraudulent activity.

  1.   Around The Clock Service

Manual customer service staff cannot work around the clock. Even during the workday, an employee can only handle one call at one time. Additionally, it isn’t feasible for firms to hire staff that will be available to work 24/7.

Luckily, with AI integrated speech analytics, companies don’t have to. Not only does AI improve customer service, but it’s also available at all times of the day, throughout the week. Customers can contact chatbots at any time of the day or night and have answers to their queries in no time!

  1.   Faster Response Rates 

As aforementioned, AI is programmed to engage in all conservations in depth. Additionally, they can pull up previous preferences, records, and trends automatically. This allows chatbots to offers solutions and suggestions that are bound to ensure the utmost customer satisfaction.

The whole process occurs simultaneously, and there is little to no waiting period for these automated responses. It should also be noted that all of these interactions work exactly like standard human conversations. Therefore, the customer feels more at ease.


Using AI in call tracking activities has other advantages as well. For instance, the use of AI in speech analytics can help to train manual customer service agents as well. The interactions and the information gathered by AI tools can provide some insight into the factors that might be contributed to mishandled phone conversations.

Employees can also try and improve their response rates by enhancing their knowledge regarding the collection and analysis of consumer information. This can be done by integrating previously recorded information with  day-to-day calls. It’s time you invested in speech analytics and AI!

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