The Sports of The Future Will All Be Played and Watched Online

Sports of The Future

This article looks at where the sports of the future are going to be watched and played, and it is argued that this will likely all be online. You will therefore be able to not only watch but also play some of these sports as you travel and see the world. It’s a remarkable change and one that many look forward to.

E-sport and how it’s growing so fast

Electronic sport is that which is either played online or in the cloud, or sport that is led by the competitive and tournament-based computer or video gaming. From great real money casino games to massive multiplayer adventure, fantasy games, computer games based on actual sports, car racing, and a whole lot more, if it is competitive and played on a computer or console and it’s online, then it could qualify as an e-sport.

There are now professional leagues and huge sponsorship, and as we all saw at the last League of Legends world final (dubbed the greatest sporting event on the planet), where 14.7 million people simultaneously watched the teams battle it out for the $5 million paychecks. E-sport largely started in South Korea and now has a global following of in excess of over 600 million people both watching and playing. It is a massive sector and simply getting bigger all the time. The pro players are generally younger adults and, as such, provide a great marketing stage for the big brands. It’s a growing sport and one that has arguably gone mainstream. It is now part of our sporting landscape, and there is no going back.

Streamed sport

Not only is sport being played online, but it is also being watched live as streaming of live sport and e-sports have opened it up to so many more people around the globe. The pandemic showed what was possible, as some of the biggest sporting teams in the world played behind closed doors and yet maintained a global audience or even grew their fan base simply because these games were then live-streamed across the world.

Watching the latest live sport is thus now always possible and only a little more complicated than simply switching on the television. You will only need to have the internet and either a smart internet-connected TV or connect to a laptop, tablet, or other smart device where you can access the streaming apps that are showing the sports that you need to watch. Even the big sporting players and channels now provide free live streams of various sporting events, so these are easy to find and access. It is one of the main ways that we now watch sport, and it means that we can watch and interact with our teams no matter where they play and when.

The main aspect of both these developments in the world of sport is that we still want to see sport live. Yes, watching sport after the event is also great, but the latest tech and the latest sport is still best consumed precisely as it happens. The future of the sport is thus definitely online, and if you are going to partake, then you need to ensure that you know the trends and have an idea of where to find the best live sport and e-sports online.

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