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Stamping die components
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Stamping dies have been around for decades and have been effective in producing an enormous amount of products across the globe. However, not many are aware of the stamping die components and how it adds a complete solution to the metal stamping industry. Stamping die components cuts and designs a metal into a specific form or gives it a specific shape. Hardened tool steel is used to design the different components that cut and give shape to the metal. There are also forming and cutting sections that are used in the dies. Let’s take a look at the different components used in stamping die formation.

Steel or Aluminum Plates

Steel or aluminum plates are used for the construction of die shoes, plates, and sets. This material has to correspond with the size of the die used in metal stamping. The tool elements are further ground, milled or machined based on the critical tolerance requirements and to ensure that the material is flat enough. The design of the component is carefully considered and also the material to be stamped, and then these elements are designed accordingly.

Guiding pillars

Guiding pillars are crucial in stamping die components. These function along with the guiding bushing and keep the lower and upper die shoe precise. There are numerous mounting methods that can be used accordingly to mount these on the die. Basically, there are two types of guiding pillars, namely the ball bearing type and the friction type. The decision to use a specific type of guiding pillar or bushing depends upon the project, part being manufactured, and also the machines that are being used.

Heel plates and blocks

These are precision stamped and drilled to absorb side thrust that is generated throughout the forming and cutting process. This is crucial especially in the scenarios where the generated force is only one directional. If there is a lot of force generated from one direction then there are increased chances of the guiding pillars to get deflected and so the heel plates and blocks work efficiently to absorb this pressure. With this in place, the misalignment of forming and cutting components is taken care of.

The Importance of Detailed Design

There are several other complex stamping die components that are required for a complete cycle. However, it is crucial to give attention to details in the die design. Many amatuers have tried to save cost during the design and manufacturing of stamping die components but in the long term this has resulted in additional losses. However, it is crucial that metal stamping manufacturers use latest tools and software specifically designed to help in this process. Rather than always relying on traditional techniques in designing, the latest software and tools help you have an edge over the designing process.

Delivering High Speed in Production

One of the most crucial things that many metal stamping miss out is the high-speed production. Even if some do achieve high-speed production, the delivery may not be as efficient. However, this lack of planning could have a drastic effect on the client’s delivery as well. So rather than sticking to the practice that impacts the production and delivery, manufacturers need to identify new ways in which they can keep up with the client requirements. Relying on high-speed machines and latest strategies can be a good option.

Cost Efficient Services

When it comes to stamping die components, the latest technology in software and production helps to cut down the cost drastically as compared to the many manual processes that were required earlier. The same should be delivered to the clients so that they can save money in their project, and this, in turn, will be a win-win situation. With the immense competition going around in the metal stamping industry, the importance of cost-efficient services can never be overemphasized.

Eigen: State of the Art Stamping Die Components

Every new project and die components design is looked at and planned differently. Eigen does not have one standard approach for every project. There is diversity in the product, component, metal used, and the client needs, and so is the approach from Eigen. The use of latest technology ensures that client gets the best result in every project and at an economical rate. The employees are constantly trained to embrace a change and use creative ways in delivering the best results to the global clientele.

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