Top Reasons Why You Should Start Implementing Texting Campaigns Into Your Marketing Plan

Marketing is a vital part of business operations and something we all need to do if we want our ventures to keep growing and thriving. There is, of course, a long list of strategies we can use to get more awareness of our brands and products and services happening, so it’s wise to try multiple ones.

Top Reasons Why You Should Start Implementing Texting Campaigns Into Your Marketing Plan

If you haven’t already gone down the path of using SMS marketing, you might like to make testing it out a goal for the coming months. If you’re unsure, read on for some reasons why it’s worth implementing strategic texting campaigns today.

It’s Direct and Quick

Text message marketing is so valuable because it’s a direct and quick strategy option. Since most consumers are close to their mobile phones all day and read messages as soon as possible, you can yield excellent results in minutes. With texts to your database, you can feel more secure knowing that people will likely read what you sent and not leave your message unopened and unread, as with many emails.

Furthermore, being so direct, your SMSs can actually get to your target audience wherever they may be when you send a communication out, rather than going through gatekeepers. SMS campaigns are particularly beneficial for time-sensitive promotions, such as when you’re running a pop-up event or have a flash sale to notify people about. Your messages can be flexible and responsive and generate an excellent return on investment as a result.

It Boosts Engagement with Your Clientele

Text message marketing can work well if you want to boost your clientele engagement. SMSs enable you to vary the type of content you deliver to your target audience, so they stay interested in what’s going on with your business and have another touchpoint through which to connect with you and your brand. This helps you to stay top of mind and makes it more likely that shoppers will turn to you for products or services when they’re ready to buy.

Another plus of SMS marketing is that it makes it easier to gather helpful customer feedback. All it takes is for people to reply to your text with a Yes, No, or extended response about things like if they were satisfied with what they purchased from your organization, if their inquiry got answered, and so on.

You can also text consumers on your database to prompt them to leave a review for something they bought or your brand. Since this format is direct and quick and easy to respond to, it’s more likely that people will complete the action, thus giving you more positive feedback to show off to shoppers.

Text Messaging Can Integrate with Numerous Sales Channels and Marketing Campaigns

A key element of marketing these days is finding ways to access customers across numerous sales channels and be top of mind because people hear about you or see your wares via multiple marketing campaigns. As such, text messaging is helpful because it integrates with numerous channels and systems and is a suitable standalone strategy, too.

SMS communications can support your marketing on social media sites or via email campaigns. You might send an e-newsletter to your database to advertise a big sale or event you’re holding, and then follow this up by reminding them, via text, to open the newsletter or check out what you mentioned in that digital notice. Also, you can post top content to social media and then send texts to your database, letting them know about what you’re sharing and providing a link to check it out right there.

It Helps You Build Data About Your Customers

Another reason to consider investing in texting campaigns for your business is that this marketing tactic is highly trackable. You can get data about delivery and response rates, links clicked, and more from whichever platform you use, and build data about your customers. The information you receive will also help you tweak campaigns as you go along so you keep improving your results.

Start Implementing Texting Campaigns Into Your Marketing Plan

You might also like to start implementing SMS marketing in your organization ASAP because it’s simple, and anyone can set it up and use it. Plus, it’s affordable, even for small businesses, and it makes personalization and very targeted messaging possible.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why texting campaigns can bring many benefits to your venture, no matter what you sell or where you sell it.

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