How to begin a Mobile App Business with Minimum Money and no Coding Skill

Begin Mobile App Business with minimum money no coding

We all dream of a business that grows at a faster pace, the way the industry of mobile applications is growing.
Do you wish to start one but worry about how you can with minimal money and absolutely no coding skills? Take a look here.

Mobile App Development

The industry of mobile applications is booming at rocketing speed.

A report by Statista projects that by 2022, over 258 billion mobile apps will be downloaded by the population across the world.

With this growing demand, the competition is growing equally to please the users of mobile applications.

Users now demand variety in the mobile apps they use which makes it quite mind-stretching for the developers to innovate so that they can thrive the hearts of their users.

However, if you wish to start a mobile app business but have a minimal amount of money and have never written or even read a line of code in your life, it is a tough road for you to walk.

But, here’s a catch for you. Do you have an excellent and extremely unique idea for a mobile app? If yes, the world of innovations opens up its doors for you.

Of course, to develop an altogether matchless app you need to know all the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of mobile app development such as app store guidelines, coding styles, graphic designing, and what not.

However, without this knowledge as well you can develop a promising mobile app which is pretty basic though, yet impactful for your users.

Here are some of the basics you need to cover while doing it all by yourself –

1. Become an App Developer on the App Stores

Whether you get the app developed by a professional app developer or develop it yourself, to sell it to the users, you need to register yourself as a developer on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

This is the basic step you need to start with because when you will complete developing your mobile app, you will have to submit it on these app stores for the audience to use.

The procedure of submission follows with a review by the app store’s QA teams for the basic quality parameters such as your app does not contain any malware or promotes anything illegal or harmful.

2. Project your App Idea

After initiating the process to become a mobile app developer, you have to project your app idea into a clear picture.

You can’t put all in the beginning and make it cumbersome for yourself and for your users.

Put it down on a plain paper and categorize what you want to do first in your app.

Initially, you probably won’t be able to design a complete huge and unique app as for that you will need expert coding skills; however, using the available tools for app development, you can design a basic mobile app which can be data-based application.

So, decide what you want to develop using what you have as your tools.

3. Tag it on the pricing scale

After clearing your thoughts, decide how you want to earn from it.

Decide the type of monetary trade you would like to make through your app, such as partnering with the companies having well-established websites and taking a share of the app sale as a part of the promotion of their mobile version or any other methods.

4. Construct your first mobile app

Here comes the big first step now. You have to develop your first app to make the project a reality.

You have several options for doing it. You can either learn to code, hire a professional developer or a team or use the mobile app developing tools available in the market.

Learning to code and then develop your first app may take you a certain age depending on your technical knowledge of coding.

Hiring a team, well, we are discussing the most possible conventional methods of developing a mobile app with a minimal amount of money; so, this option can come as a big ‘No’ in your mind. However, there are developers available in the market those are newbies as well and can develop the app for you at a minimal cost.

Further, we are left with this huge DIY option. Similarly, as we make websites using online templates, we have certain app building applications available in the market that help us developing a basic app depending on the niche we want it to cover.

5. Beautify it with graphics

You developed the structure, now you need to design it.

Add the most beautiful and attractive graphics and icons to your mobile app to gain the traction of the audience on the play store.

6. Snap its operability

Once developed and designed, you need to click the demo pics of how your users can use and navigate through your app.

Prepare a demo introductory video, so that it is very clear for the users to understand your app usage.

You need to submit these snaps to the app stores after finishing them.

7. Don’t let it go without a test

You are super-eager to get it live, but don’t make a mistake of submitting it without user-testing.

Test it yourself, ask your friend, or your mother or anyone; just make sure it is dumb-easy to use, only then it will be downloaded and used more.

8. Launch it in the ground

Heart pounding! The D-Day comes. You enclose everything and you submit your app to the app store for the launch.

All you do now is clutch your eyes on your email inbox to see that your app has gone live on the app store.

9. Blow your trumpet

Congratulations and celebrations, and now you do the most important task. Market your app.

Tell your friends, tell them to tell their friends, and their friends, and their friends and keep rolling the ball.

Socialize it and boast about it proudly. Get the maximum downloads and feedbacks, only then you will progress to the bigger step.

Have you got that in you?

A big idea always thrives regardless of the resources one possesses.

The same goes for mobile app development. Even though the competition is going breathless, if you have a unique idea, you will surely get the results of your efforts.

Author Bio: Sourodip Biswas is a Digital Marketing Professional at Space-O Technologies, a leading mobile app development and web development company.

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 Being an adroit Digital Marketer, he focuses on the growth of businesses with thought-provoking ideas and apt strategies. He adores Mobile Apps and is passionate about sharing his knowledge by writing blogs. You can connect with him on Twitter and Linkedin.

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