BE YOUR OWN BOSS! 5 Start-Up Business Ideas On A Shoestring Budget

The start-up business ideas are many but those that need a small capital are more feasible. Know about some of the start-up ideas and pick if you like any one of them.

The dream to have your own start-up business does not let you sleep. It is so satisfying to be self-dependent. No compromises on your liberty and time due to hectic hours of job. No one is there to teach, direct or instruct you. Only and Only you are the boss to earn bread and butter on your own.

Oh BUT where is the idea? What to start and what business to do? Forget not, the limit of funds is the biggest barrier stopping you from working with open heart. Every penny is precious and it is not possible to waste it on experiments on business. What to do? What to do?

By the time you get of a business idea, take a look at some advisable start-up ideas that can start on a cute little budget. If any of them works, adopt it. You know what; there are less or no reasons to regret. These are the cost-effective proposals that do not demand much investment of money. Take a look –

       1. Cleaning


Oh! A much in demand service that catches attention of working couples, and everyone who is always in hurry, even the businesses. Gather a few basic essentials and skills and you are ready to fight the dirt. It is a very cheap and lean business model that demands only a small bunch of currency. Most of the houses and commercial places have their own equipments and resources that can be used. Just decide on priority, you want to do a domestic cleaning business or commercial cleaning business.

If you are a one-man army then domestic cleaning is a more feasible option. In commercial cleaning, you need a group of people as the task is comparatively at a larger scale.

   2. Mobile Hairdressing and beauty

Mobile Hairdressing and beauty

Do you have a keen eye for details in the personality of people around you? If yes, then the hairdressing and beauty is a good business for you. The best part about this business is, you do not need to buy a big salon if you can practice the mobile nature. Set a convenient time duration of the day hours for the service and visit the clients. After the time is over, you can enjoy the leisure rest of the day. Get some training and acquire the necessary skills. Business does not run on the equipments but on the skill to use those equipments. Learn things and start the business after you are confident. You may need money for training and to acquire basic required resources.

If your funds are not sufficient, then take a loan. Do not worry if you have a bad credit. Loans are available for bad credit scorers, for instance – the 12 month loans with no credit check by direct lenders. These are the short-term loans, as a small budget business idea should not need huge amount. But work of the loan option only if it is unavoidable. Until and unless you start earning a good profit, it is always advisable to avoid any kind of debt in the name of business.

        3. Gardening

Gardening (2)

Who does not want the fresh air in this chaotic life? Polluted air, stress, health issues, many reasons are making people inclined for nature and they want to have good gardens around them. If you are green-fingered, gardening business is perhaps more than a commercial activity for you. It is like a blessing. Do some homework before you start, do research on gardening equipments and breeds of plants. Effect of weather and climate on plants and how to prevent them from diseases, everything is important to know. Do not worry, internet is full of information as well as online tutorials, you can get many things for value addition. People are ready to pay good for this work and with time you can also contact to the local authorities to get contract of the gardens in the city.

       4. Dog walking

Dog walking

Dog lovers are many but those many people do not have much time to take their dogs on a walk. Why don’t you help them in exchange of some money? With time, you are sure to come in demand, as everyone wants someone to take care of their pet when they are not around. Learn some basic skills for that, read about the qualities of dog whisperers. If you are friendly with dogs this business is like an entertainment for you.

       5. Street food business

Street food business

Ooooh yummm!! Are you a good cook and love cooking? Make this skill earn you some money. Street food is the trend of cities and people from every age group like to eat street food. Initially, it is not possible to afford a huge food truck, but a small vehicle or a van is also sufficient. You can take it on rent, or buy a van on cheap rates from a garage and then repurpose it after some paint and polish. A small amount is needed for that, work on the way out that is feasible to you.

None of the above ideas needs much investment and you can materialise the dream of a start-up in no time. Start working now on your idea and live the dream and be your own boss!! All the best!!

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