Why STEM Is The Foundation For The Future?


STEM stands for “science, technology, engineering, and math.” These are generally considered the most important studies in education. Fostering these areas of education in the youth is extremely important for future generations for every country and the world.

These areas are the way progress can happen in society. Many schools are emphasizing the STEM philosophy to help guide students into the future and toward professions that can contribute to the community in big ways. Here are the reasons why STEM is the foundation for the future.

1.      Defense Technology

The United States has one of the best armies in the world. However, it’s important to keep up with the latest defense technology to maintain this position. This is largely a project for people interested in inventing and engineering. All countries carve out government funded departments for advancing their military tech blog, none more than the USA.

Here all ideas are considered. Just think about this, 57 years ago in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the United States successfully delivered and detonated a nuclear bomb so large it’s impact was 37 times stronger than the force of 1 Hiroshima Bomb.

2.      Environmental Advancements

Humans are rapidly consuming the resources we have here on earth. We’ve also been contributing to heavy amounts of pollution ever since we started manufacturing and building factories. It’s our responsibility to do our part to counteract these things that hurt the environment. Luckily, there are scientists out there looking for ways to clean the water and air.

They are also working on ways to use fewer resources on everyday tasks, such as washing clothes or running the air conditioner. One such example from recent university trials is the ability to generate electricity out of the moisture in the air. If the need for charging a battery was eliminated, all powered devices could simply generate their own electricity and sustain themselves organically.

3.      Healthcare Advancements

Due to medical advancements, there are much lower mortality rates during childbirth. Furthermore, there are several diseases that people don’t have to suffer from today due to vaccinations. However, there is still plenty to learn. Scientists are working hard to find the cure for several still deadly diseases such as cancer or AIDS.

There are even scientists working on ways to repair destroyed organs with stem cells. Recent advancements in cell biology technology are helping to push the discovery of new medical therapeutics through single cell genomics and other areas of cellular biology.

4.      Infrastructure/Transportation Improvements

How many times have you complained about the roads or the public transit in your area? There has to be a better way. People can use engineering education and math education to help fix the roads and create more efficient public transit. When we can get to the places we need to go, we can accomplish the things we want to accomplish.

5.      Space Travel

Space travel is still a relatively new concept. We’ve successfully put a man on the moon, but that was just the first step. We are still looking for ways to travel more quickly and how to survive in space for extended periods of time. We also still need to know how to travel to planets with inhospitable atmospheres. The challenges of figuring out space and its limitless possibilities is going to be left to future scientists and explorers. The United States government is even helping fund this research with the creation of Space Force in 2020.

Education is the way to change the world. When people learn, they can use this knowledge to make their own unique discoveries. The right person can significantly advance their field for the better. Not only can this be extremely lucrative, but it can give someone a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day as well.

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