5 Things to Know Before You Cancel A Streaming TV Subscription

Streaming TV Subscription

The task of canceling streaming TV subscription does not need any rocket science. You can cancel any streaming service subscription if you do not want to use it due to financial constraints or any other issue.

You can still try out other streaming services that help you save your precious money appropriately in this situation. For instance, you can still subscribe to different streaming services aside from Netflix and Disney Plus without breaking your bank even if you are residing in a small country like New Zealand.

According to howtowatch.co.nz, there are plenty of streaming options available in a country that has a population of just 4.8 million. You can imagine how many streaming services would be available in the major regions like USA, UK, Canada etc that too at an affordable price.

If you still want to cancel your current streaming services’ subscriptions, you should know about a few things in advance. These few things include:

1. Check your billing date before canceling your subscription

It is always better to check your next payment due date. By doing so, you can cancel your subscription at the right time. This will enable you to watch all your favorite content be it TV shows, movies, documentaries, news, and much more to the fullest.

For instance, if you are willing to close your Netflix account for any reason, the platform will inform you for how many days you can access your account even if you have canceled your existing Netflix subscription.

2. Use your computer to cancel your subscriptions

Compared to mobile devices, desktop or PCs let you cancel your streaming services subscription in a better way. When you use your Windows device, you can comb the whole website.

On the contrary, you will not have such a luxury when trying to cancel your streaming TV subscriptions on mobile phones. Some websites are engineered to frustrate their subscribers as they cannot explore the required tabs or options that help them remove their accounts from their sites.

3. You can always rejoin later

The best thing about streaming websites or services is that you can join them later anytime. This way, you can start your membership again without any hassle. Besides, you do not have to indulge in any contract or long term commitments while resubscribing these services.

4. There is no perfect solution

Every streaming service has its downsides that you have to consider before canceling your streaming service’s subscription. You can contemplate these cons in the shape of bundling. There are plenty of shows in every streaming service you do not watch intentionally or unintentionally.

If you plan to subscribe to another cord-cutting service like Sling TV after ditching FuboTV, you will still have to face the dilemma of bundling as you are bound to pay for shows that go unwatched.

In case the luck is on your side, you will find a streaming platform that broadcasts all your desired shows and channels in one place. If you are not fortunate enough, you will have to pay for different streaming services to watch your favorite shows and channels.

5. You might have to compromise on multi-logins

Before canceling your streaming service package, you should get an idea about your potential service’s simultaneous streams feature. Ideally, not many streaming services offer attractive multi-login features to their subscribers.

If we talk about Netflix, you can use an impressive multi-login feature that allows you to watch content on four (4) different devices at a time. It means your whole family can enjoy streaming Netflix on their preferred devices using a single Netflix account.

Similarly, Disney Plus also allows you to watch TV shows, movies, and documentaries on four devices of your choice simultaneously. Therefore, you should examine the multi-logins feature of any streaming service before you subscribe to it.

Bonus Tips

6. Take full advantage of special offerings or deals

In this age of digitalization, it is still possible to call the customer support department of any streaming service you have intended to cancel. It becomes hectic when you call a customer support agent to cancel your subscription rather than using your PC or mobile device to complete the cancelation process yourself, but it is worth trying.

When you call the customer support department, you can get special deals or discounts in return. As a result, you can continue using the streaming service under your budget.

Likewise, few streaming websites or platforms offer exclusive packages to their old customers through email who have left using their services. This is how they try to engage them by offering discounted plans or other exciting offers.

If you ever find yourself in the above-described situation, take maximum advantage. Moreover, if you have signed up to streaming TV packages through a third-party, you will have to contact them to complete your cancelation process successfully.

7. Consequences of canceling after using free trial feature

Suppose you have given up on your Apple TV subscription after availing its free trial feature before it ends, and you think it is not worth continuing. Consequently, you and your other family members will not be able to access the service with immediate effect.

Sadly, Apple has made this tactic a part of its SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). As far as other services like Amazon Prime, ESPN+, and Spotify go, they let you enjoy your free trial no matter if you have canceled their subscription during the free trial period.

Wrapping Up

Canceling streaming services’ subscriptions is not a difficult task. Interestingly, you can still choose an affordable streaming service that helps you watch a plethora of movies and TV shows on multiple devices, even if you have canceled your Netflix, Hulu, or Disney Plus subscription.

However, you should keep these above-mentioned tips in your mind that can make your cancelation process fruitful eventually. Once you have followed these tricks, you will not have to spend much to fulfill your streaming needs.

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