Top 10 Reasons To Study In Australia


Choosing a destination to study abroad is not always easy. There’re a lot of things you need to take into consideration. If you determine to study overseas, but don’t want to go to the UK or US, Australia is not a bad option. Here are ten reasons which tell you why to study in Australia.

1. World-Renowned Universities In Australia

Australia, therefore, has nothing more to prove regarding the reputation of its universities! Out of 42 Australian universities, 8 are in the best universities in the world. The Group of 8 is made up of 8 most prestigious universities in Australia. It is usually the oldest and largest universities in this country that invest the most in research and innovation. To study in one of these universities, you can learn knowledge and get yourself well prepared for your career after graduation.

Apart from the eight universities, there are many more universities that also offer high-quality education to domestic students and international students, like the University of Technology Sydney, Deakin University, RMIT University. To get more universities in Australia, you can go to CatEight School Finder to search for any university located in Australia and get detail info, like courses, campus, location, contact info, and more.

2. Quality And Diversity Of Australian Programs

Of course, the lessons reflect the quality of the universities! Numerous accreditations have been awarded to different faculties, programs, and schools. Among these accreditations, you will find AACSB, Equis, AMBA for business schools, and business programs. Several universities, such as Monash University, have the coveted triple accreditation!

In terms of fields of study, Australia offers a wide variety of programs at all levels. Whether you are interested in business, engineering, science, or the arts, Australia will please you! The courses following the Anglo-Saxon model. Also, Australia is very hands-on. Therefore, your theoretical lessons are very often illustrated by practical cases, outings, etc. to prepare you for the professional world or the pursuit of your studies.

3. Recognition Of Australian Certification

Since 2009, French diplomas have been recognized in Australia and vice versa. This allows students with a French diploma to be able to continue their studies in Australia without delay. For several years also, Australian establishments have recognized certain BTS and DUT. This means that it is possible to obtain your license in Australia in just one year after completing your baccalaureate + 2!

4. The Flexibility Of The Australian Education System

One of the significant advantages of the Australian education system is its flexibility. Concretely, this means that even if you have started your studies in a particular sector, you will still have the possibility to change fields of study without wasting time. If, for example, you have a bachelor’s degree in business, you can do a master’s degree in design or regional planning if you like.

5. Australian Campuses

The campuses of Australian universities are generally huge and house all kinds of services. The campus is a real city in itself; everything is done for the comfort of the student during his course days. You will find all kinds of facilities, restaurants, bars, banks, doctors, gyms, swimming pools … In addition, Australian students are very active in activities outside of class. You will have the opportunity to join many clubs and participate in events of all kinds.

6. Learn English In Australia

This is one of the main reasons why international students decide to study in Australia. Your studies in the land of kangaroos will allow you to perfect your English, a significant point today for your CV!

Since Australia is a favorite destination for international students, you will have the opportunity to interact with people of all nationalities. This will further enrich your experience abroad and will force you to practice your English in situations other than academics.

7. Culture And Biodiversity In Australia

One of the other reasons why students decide to study in Australia is, of course, to discover a new culture and to be able to visit this country. With breathtaking landscapes, very dynamic and modern cities, and one of the richest biodiversity in the world, many adventures and trips await you!

8. Opportunity To Work In Australia

One of the big advantages is being able to work while studying in Australia. Indeed, the Student Visa Australia allows you to work 40 hours over a period of two weeks (i.e., 20 hours maximum per week) and full time during the school holidays. This will help cover most of your living expenses on site. It’s also a good way to practice your English in a professional environment.

9. Post-Study Work Visa In Australia

After two years of higher education in Australia, you can apply for the Post-study Work Visa, which allows you to work for up to four years in this territory. A very nice prospect if you wish to stay after graduation!

10. Studying In Australia: A Real Plus For Your CV

Studying in Australia helps show recruiters your ability to adapt to international environments, your openness, and your ability to face a new culture. Besides, the courses provided by institutions in Australia are known to be of very good quality, and you will come back with a high level of English. One thing is sure, your experience in Australia will be a real asset for employers!

Now, you just have to choose the city and the Australian university which corresponds to your project!

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