Study Reveals Skills on Your Resume that Make You a Top Candidate


The pandemic has changed the way we work and conduct business. Consequently, many professional career paths have altered due to the increased demand for a skilled, remote workforce capable of utilizing digital business tools efficiently. A recent study by Adobe Creative Cloud uncovered which professional skills are in high demand as young professionals continue to seek successful work-from-home career opportunities in 2022.


Creativity is one of the most highly sought-after skills for new hires in 2022 across all industries. The pandemic showed the importance of flexible solutions, creative problem solving, and more efficient workflows to remain competitive. Without creative thinking at all levels of business, opportunities for improvement can be lost. Your ability to solve problems creatively and bring a unique perspective to the workplace can make you a valuable asset to your new company. Creative thinking is key to developing innovative solutions in the workplace.

Hard & Soft Skills

Employers are looking for candidates with diverse skillset showing experience and interpersonal skills. Hard skills can be measured, such as your proficiency with specific software. Soft skills cannot be measured but include communication, organizational, and problem-solving abilities. Sometimes, soft skills are more important to employers because they are more challenging to learn and can be more essential for effective day-to-day business. You can develop both sets of skills based on the industry you want to go after. Find online classes that offer insights into how you can be a more efficient collaborator and improve your soft skills.

Visual Communication

As more shopping and business are conducted online, digital marketing skills have never been in higher demand. Companies need to have a strong and visually engaging online presence to see success. According to the Adobe Creative Cloud study on high demand skills for 2022, “70% of the professionals surveyed stated their knowledge of graphic design helped them land their current job.” Creating eye-catching presentations, pitches, sales decks, ads, and more, will make you a competitive candidate and help you get ahead in your new digital workplace. There are many options for online courses in graphic design; students can get discounts on software such as Adobe Creative Cloud to start building their design skills.

Digital Competencies & Professional Skills

By improving your knowledge base and learning new digital skills, you can build opportunities to get ahead in your digital workplace. Diversify your knowledge to become an asset to your company beyond your typical role. Taking courses that teach you new skills can help you become more efficient in your role and understand how your position works within the larger company and industry. Attaining new professional skills such as graphic design, sales skills, conflict resolution, coding, SEO, etc., can help diversify your perspective in your new role and make you a more valuable asset to your company. Today, the opportunity to develop new professional skills has never been more accessible. Online courses and virtual classes are widely available, and there are many free online certification programs you can take advantage of.

The demand for a skilled remote workforce remains high as more and more companies launch successful digital workplaces. Industries are relying on the creativity and efficiency of their employees to stay competitive in the digital business world. Competitive job applicants in 2022 should strengthen their digital competencies and professional skills to land high-salary positions.

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