Tips for Planning a Sustainable Wedding

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More than ever before, people want to do their part in protecting the environment. It is not always an easy feat, but with today’s advancements in science and technology, finding ways to be more eco-friendly is easier than ever. If you and your fiance are planning a wedding and want it to be sustainable, below are some tips to take into consideration for planning an environmentally-friendly event.

1. Eco-Friendly Menu

If you live near a major city, an eco-friendly menu for your reception is probably possible. While sustainable catering for a New York or Los Angeles wedding has been available for years, similar options have recently cropped up in other cities. Eco-friendly catering allows for a delicious menu full of local, organic and ethically-produced ingredients. If possible, a vegetarian or vegan menu would significantly reduce the environmental impact your meal has. Another great way to reduce your carbon footprint is by sourcing your alcohol from local breweries, distilleries, and wineries rather than products that have been shipped across 100s of miles on trucks.

2. Ceremony Location

Everyone knows that vehicles and airplanes cause emissions that can have significant negative impacts on the environment. When planning a wedding, especially one with a huge guest list, consider how your guests will be traveling to attend. Destination weddings often mean lots of traveling. For a sustainable wedding, narrow your location choices to include options that require the least amount of car trips and flights.

3. Venue Options

A major factor in how sustainable your wedding is depends on how your venue will operate. Some venues may not be as concerned about their environmental impact as you are. When scouting venue locations, ask them questions about their eco-friendly procedures. Questions to consider asking include: •How is food waste disposed of? •How do you source the ingredients for your menu options? (if they cater) •What types of cleaning products are used? •What is your policy on plastic ware? •Do you participate in any green initiatives?

4. Support Ethical Wedding Attire Designer

When it comes to the fashion of the bride and groom, a sustainable wedding can include supporting a local clothing designer. Many designers work diligently to ensure the workers of their company work under fair conditions and only source fabric from sustainable suppliers. If you have a tight budget, consider buying a second-hand or vintage dress and suit for the ceremony. You can also consider browsing sustainable wedding gown designs available online.

5. Local Eco-Florists

One of the more common decorative items at a wedding is the flowers. They can also be some of the most expensive items at a wedding. To save money and be more eco-friendly and sustainable, consider foregoing cut flowers for your venue. Instead, opt to go with potted herbs and greenery. If you are not willing to give up the idea of having flowers at your wedding, ask your florist if they could source the flowers from local nurseries.

6. Sustainable Correspondence

For couples who are both sustainably-minded, consider digital wedding correspondence instead of paper. If you do not like the idea of ditching stationary completely, consider asking your supplier to create matching graphics to print on signage instead of creating hard copy menus and table plans. You may also choose to ask them to print on recycled paper only.

7. Ethical Makeup

No wedding is complete without beauty products for the bride. When planning a sustainable wedding, try adding some zero-waste, cruelty-free and locally-produced products to your skincare routine. Ask your wedding makeup artist and stylist t if they offer cruelty-free substitutes when getting you ready for your big day.

8. Use Wedding Gifts To Give Back

Instead of wedding gifts, ask your guests to bring charity wedding favors. There are many environmental charities to ask for your attendees to help support with cash donations. You can also encourage your wedding guests to plant trees by offering them seed wedding favors.
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