Download TablePlus For MacOS & Windows: Best Modern, Native Tool for Database Management

What Is TablePlus?

TablePlus is a very useful, simple to use relational database management system which supports the common databases like MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, SQLite, PostgreSQL, etc. TablePLUS is an integrated tool which enables you to manipulate, control, and import data from over 190 different databases. It is free from the PostGRP or ODBC driver code.

Download TablePlus Free

The reason behind this is that it uses an object-oriented programming language, allowing full code reuse for every step of the application. The above statement clearly implies that no compatibility issues would arise when a user who works on an earlier version of Microsoft SQL Server try to work with the new, Table PLUS application, due to the fact that it is based on an earlier version of Microsoft SQL Server.

Advantages / Disadvantages Of TablePlus

The major advantage that one can enjoy by using TablePlus over any other open source solutions available is the fact that it can be easily used, without any hassles or complications, by any person with almost any amount of knowledge about SQL databases. It can be used with all kinds of operating systems, without any issues or incompatibility issues.

The major advantage of using a standalone SQL Management Server, like TablePlus, is that it is much more flexible, offering full control and independence over queries. On the other hand, a native application, like Microsoft’s SSMS would have some limitations when it comes to handling complex queries and data manipulation.

However, even with these disadvantages, TablePlus free still manages to perform very well in certain areas. For example, the program allows the user to create tables, drop columns, modify primary keys, and define specific relationship between entities.

In the context of web development, it also enables one to easily manipulate and analyze large amounts of data, such as in a CRM database application, which are usually stored as Microsoft. sql server. Lastly, TablePlus comes with an extensive technical support package including FAQs, help files, tutorials, and various sections on their website, which are extremely useful for any kind of questions that one may have.

Overall, TablePlus is one of the best programs that any developer or small to medium sized company can use in building their own custom SQL database application.

Features Of TablePlus

  • Native, lightweight and fast
  • Best Database security
  • Customizable appearance
  • Advanced filters
  • Export & import database
  • Multiple tabs & windows
  • High Performance
  • Shortcut key available
  • Quick Support
  • Multi tabs & code review
  • Inline edit and more…

TablePlus Pricing Details

  • Regular license = $59 for 1 computer
  • Standard license (save 19%) = $99 2 computers
  • Custom license = $147 for 3 computers

The prices above are for Windows & MacOS version.

Download TablePlus For Windows (64/32 bit) // Download TablePlus Free for MacOS (macOS 10.11 Intel, M1 | iOS 11.0) //  Download TablePlus Linux Version

What are the limitations of the free trial?

The free trial is limited to 2 opened tabs, 2 opened windows, 2 advanced filters at a time. We can change the limitations without any notifications in the future releases.

Note that to enjoy this software to its fullest, one needs to obtain TablePlus license key.

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