Tech Tips for The Intrepid Outdoor Sports Person

Intrepid Outdoor Sports

Outdoor and adventure and even travel sports have been on the increase, and there has been a huge relationship established between these and the various social media platforms out there. At the nexus of these two is the tech that you need to take, transfer, upload and use the photos of these outdoor activities. Therefore, these are the tech tips you need to remember.

It must be hardy and well protected

Any technology that you intend to use outdoors and while you partake in outdoor sporting activities must be suited to the activity itself as well as the actual function you want it to do. Whether it is an underwater sport or flying high with skydiving, making sure your technology is able to capture those special moments means having the right technology that can adapt to your needs. The last thing you want to be thinking about when you are taking photos of your adventure is whether your phone will survive. It needs to be able to bounce back as well as you do.

Expensive tech must be Insured

If you’ve got expensive smart technology that you use when you’re taking part in outdoor sport, then it needs to be insured. The likelihood of something happening to it is heightened, and, as such, make sure that you are able to claim back.

Have the right software and apps

There are plenty of apps/software that can make a huge difference to your next adventure. This tech can help you in more ways than one. For example, you can get:

  • Fitness trackers – See more evidence of your outdoor pursuits and easily track improvements.
  • Entertainment apps – If you need some downtime during an outdoor adventure, having entertainment apps on your phone is an absolute must. It is highly recommended that you take regular breaks when having an outdoor adventure as it ensures you are always in the best possible condition to carry out your sport or experience safely. Gaming apps provide the best entertainment without draining your phone battery. In this case, you should take some time to find the best casino online – you can play a quick 5-minute game while you catch your breath and continue with your adventure.
  • Video editing software to share the best videos possible. Most mobile phones have high-end cameras these days, but making sure you have the right apps and software to capture those special moments and then share them online will put those cameras to good use.


If you’re outdoors, you still want to be able to post, read and interact with your social media, so make sure you have the right connectivity regardless of how rugged or remote your outdoor adventure is. For anyone with a social media presence, being able to share your outdoor sports with your followers and friends in real-time is important.


It must have a use and not have cost you an arm and a leg, especially if you are already spending money on other equipment you need for the outdoor experience. These days it is easy to find more cost-effective alternatives to any high-end version of mobile phones, tripods, camera lenses, or any other gadgets you might need to record your adventure. It will require some shopping around and making sure you read reviews on all the products because sometimes cheaper is not necessarily more cost-effective if it fails to live up to the requirements, which means you are not able to share your photos or videos quickly and professionally.

If you’re an outdoors sports person, these tips have been for you and should help you decide on the technology you need and should have with you to record, share and post your adventures online.

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