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Teeny Office Travel Agency CRM Customer Relationship Management is a software designed by experienced and well-trained travel agents. Step outside the limited available options in the market and welcome this innovative software with open arms. It is an all in one travel agency software that covers database software, accounting, and invoice plus email marketing. The TeenyOffice is cloud-based software which caters to the needs of following clients:

  • Travel agencies
  • Independent travel agents
  • Host agencies

After twenty years in the travel agency, the founder of Teeny Office Desiree Golembieski co has certainly revolutionized the travel agency CRM as we know by creating compatible, user-friendly software, Teeny Office, for travel agents and agencies. Here is a quick look at what this software has to offer:

Leading Travel Agency CRM software

TeenyOffice is a complete package of convenience as it not only quotes invoices but also maintains travel and email history of your clients and agents.

This software offers the esteemed clients with important relevant information about invoices, including reminders of payments to ensure timely payments. You can also enjoy customizing invoices by adding your logo or template of your choice. Not only does this software reduce the operational cost of the travel process but also streamlines the overall CRM, including:

  • Invoicing
  • Database management
  • Marketing reports
  • Commission reports from vendors
  • Cruise invoicing
  • Sales reporting
  • Client history maintenance

Enjoy the full-fledged advantages of an improved travel agency software

Teeny office is revolutionary software which provides top notch customer services and saves your money and time. You can enjoy the following advantages by using TeenyOffice:

Enhanced Customer Service:

The teeny office helps the travel agencies and agents in selling their services and products to a variety of customers at any time. The features include:

  1. Notification through email
  2. Booking confirmations
  3. Online payments 
  4. Cancellation of booking

Automate Travel Business management:

TeenyOffice assists the users in automating their business process results. This software has created new benchmarks for better and faster turnaround time. With this software, agents can automate an array of tasks including:

  • Reception of online payments 
  • Tracking inventory
  • Generating reports
  • Centralizing reservations
  • Tracking sales
  • Reporting according to date of departure
  • Reporting according to date of booking
  • Reporting according to sales dates

User-Friendly Interface:

Another highlight of TeenyOffice is its straightforward and user-friendly interface which enables its users to:

  • Have insights into profit
  • Manage inventory such as tracking quantity of available products
  • Access Information on sold bookings
  • Have insight in sales

Enhance your Travel Agency’s CRM by subscribing to TeenyOffice today!

Enjoy increased the profits driven by enhanced customer services via subscribing to TeenyOffice. This software is quick, efficient and accurate in online bookings. Reap the boons of swift responsiveness and establish good connectivity with your clients.

Stop waiting and contact us now for more details about the services and packages. For subscription contact or call 917-309-2869.

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