Texas Olive Oil to Up Your Comfort Food Game!

Texas Olive Oil: is a hit in the culinary world. Many associate it with the sprawling foothills of Italian orchards and Mediterranean cuisine

Comfort food is not just about great-tasting food; more and more people are also shifting to healthier choices. Texas olive oil is a hit in the culinary world. Many associate it with the sprawling foothills of Italian orchards and Mediterranean cuisine; it is a contemporary fixture in homes across the globe.

Here’s why it features in comfort meals and why you should be using it to up your comfort food game (if you aren’t already).

Fine Dining Comfort Food

If fine dining has taught us one thing, it’s that it involved lashings of caviar, delicate cuts of meat, and of course, healthy drizzles of the finest olive oils. Millions know this liquid gold across the globe as a secret ingredient that can elevate a plate of food beyond belief.

In recent years, the world of comfort food has shifted to include some of the finest ingredients on the offer presented in the most attractive ways possible, from gourmet Mac and Cheese to gloriously reinvented sweet treats. Texas olive oil is an ingredient you cannot skip out on if you want to marry fine dining grade food with heart-warming soul food that comforts you with every bite.

Homemade Pasta

Homemade Pasta

Pasta is well known to be a food of comfort, happiness, and utter bliss. Pasta releases serotonin and makes us feel good. Pasta meals aren’t always about the sauce; the noodles themselves are a significant part of what makes a pasta dish excellent. Homemade pasta is the perfect opportunity to raise your comfort food game.

Handmade Goodness

Fresh pasta is made with ‘00 flour, fresh eggs, a pinch of salt, and fine-grade olive oil – this will add a buttery taste and texture as well as needed fats to ensure that your noodles are supple and tender.

There are a few other ways to take your meals to the next level:

  • Adding a little crunch to your gnocchi. The classic Italian dish is usually made with pillowy pasta balls in a delicious sauce. Try lightly pan-frying your cooked gnocchi in a delicate and light extra-virgin olive oil until golden brown and crisp.
  • Spaghetti – Simpler is better in some cases. Some pasta dishes that are the most comforting are the simplest and easiest to make. Dress your cooked noodles in olive oil with a bit of chopped garlic, chili, and grated parmesan.

Dressing a Dish up with Texas Olive Oil

Dressing your dish is a final finishing touch you can add by drizzling a healthy glug of high-grade olive oil on top of your pasta. Infused options are ideal for this as you can add a hint of chili or a zing of lemony citrus to any pasta dish.

Texas Olive Oil Cakes ‘n Bakes

Texas Olive Oil Cakes ‘n Bakes

If you think that Texas olive oil doesn’t go well with desserts, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Desserts and a healthy glug of a delicately flavored oil are the perfect pairings; olive oil cakes are great for coffee dates. These sweet and zesty cakes are a gastronomic treat, ideal for anyone that enjoys a delicately flavored cake that isn’t overpoweringly sweet.

Melt in your mouth biscuits to mop up gravy and eggs is the breakfast treat you might just need and, if you are ever out of butter, swap it for some extra-virgin olive oil. The healthy fats make these tasty biscuits crisp on the outside and supple and soft on the inside, just as they should be.

Gourmet Glace and Glaze

Adding a healthy glug of Texas olive oil to your bowl of vanilla ice cream could be just the treat that you need. Its fruity and earthy flavors cut through the creamy texture of the ice cream, and it adds an unexpected creaminess. For an extra kick, try topping it with a sprinkle of sea salt.

It might sound strange, but before grabbing that chocolate sauce, grab your bottle of olive oil and drizzle it over your dessert. For this particular comfort food, choose a delicately flavored option such as Arbequina by The Texas Hill Country Olive Co. – its soft and delicate flavor is perfect for a dessert.
Glorious drizzles are not just for sweet treats. Reductions and glazes can make a meal shine, and a bourbon glaze made with robust olive oil can spruce up your BBQ dinners. The sweet and buttery glaze is comforting, warming, and delicious.

Texas Olive Oil – Buttery Goodness

The unique flavor of extra-virgin Texas olive oil is what makes it the perfect ingredient. It can be used to complement the flavors in your meals. Depending on the type you use, it is essential to remember that each has its own flavor profile.

Not every olive oil is drizzle-worthy either; the kind you should be using in your meals is a good quality variety. Also, make sure that it is fresh and within date. Virgin olive oil means it is not blended with other seed and vegetable oils. The extra-virgin varieties are the healthiest on the market; they have a range of flavor profiles from delicate to more robust tastes and are known as one of the most essential ingredients in a contemporary kitchen.

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