The End Of Winter Is Nigh, You Might Want To Check Your Health

Have you ever heard of “cabin fever”? This is when someone is cooped up in a small space for so long they go “loopy”. It used to happen a lot in winter across the American West. There were some bitterly cold winters that came during this time, and seasons when people would be cooped up together in a tiny room sometimes stretched for weeks on end.

If you had proper climate control, a few fuzzy pets, plenty of food, plenty of books, and plenty of visual entertainment through TV or the internet, you would still go a little crazy after a few weeks. At a certain point, it doesn’t matter what entertainment or chores you’ve got, your mind just needs some additional stimuli.

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Mental Issues And Physical Issues Are Aligned

Here’s the thing you want to think about: neglecting to take care of your mental health when you need to often result in extended physical complications. Think about it. Say you’re sedentary owing to depression from winter and the holidays. You didn’t have any family stress, and that’s part of the problem. You just stayed in your Seattle apartment all winter.

Well, now that the sun is out, and it’s not so cold, you still don’t want to leave if you don’t have to. You want to remain sedentary. Soon your body starts to lose muscle mass, and your immune system becomes weaker. As depression leads to lethargy, lethargy leads to a weaker immune system. Substance abuse is also common here, and so sickness has an open door.

It’s not just the cold that brings about illness during the winter. People travel to and fro, and things get busy. So busy, in fact, that mental issues can transpire. Sometimes people just check out and become sedentary, sometimes they become so manic they work themselves into frailty which invites illness.

Gauging How You Weathered The Winter Medically

After winter, you want to have some sort of health checkup. Where you are in the country will determine when is best to do this. If you’re in Colorado, you may want to wait until March or April, just because things stay cold there longer than other places. Especially if you know you’ve been sick, it’s helpful to see if your illnesses have resulted in any complications.

Sinus pockets can break during a cold should a heavy sneeze hit when all your sinuses are filled with mucus, or you slip on ice and bang your head. This can affect hearing, as eustachian tubes from your ears drain into your esophagus—this is one reason why your ears pop when you blow your nose. The beginning of spring is a perfect time for your hearing test in Colorado Springs.

If you’re on the east coast, CT Sinus Center in Connecticut offers some cutting edge medical solutions you may want to consider as well. Sinus headaches can feed into psychoses through slow, constant, unavoidable pain. Have you ever heard of Chinese water torture? A drop of water is slowly and constantly dropped on a person to drive them insane.

Well, having a sinus headache that’s continuous owing to a burst sinus pocket and associated pressure which transpires from a winter illness can put constant pressure on your mind. Sometimes you may even have underlying issues you don’t realize are there until you get checked out.

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The Body Is Resilient, But It’s Best To Know Where You Are

Here’s the other thing to consider: the human body is remarkably resilient, and if you just eat natural foods that aren’t full of chemicals, and exercise to match or exceed your intake, you will generally retain your health. However, if you don’t mind your body, then your mind might eventually lead to bodily degradation over time.

The truth is, there are chemical compounds out there, diverse diseases, and mental stresses. Winter may not make you ill, but it might—so get checked up prior spring so you know what you’re dealing with in the new year. Some conditions can be caught early on when the year is young and it’s easier for you to handle them.

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