The Importance of Keywords in Online Advertising: The Gambling Industry as Inspiration

In the world of online advertising, keywords are everything. It might sound hyperbolic to make such a sweeping statement, but it’s entirely and irrefutably true. If you’re not using them to your advantage, you’re not making your mark in Google searches, and if you’re not ranking on Google, you might as well not bother.

So, how can you shake things up and start afresh? The gambling industry is a great place to begin. While placing a bet probably won’t push you up through the rankings, studying the big names in the gambling game and how they make keyword advertising work for them is incredibly useful.

Here’s what you need to know.

What is keyword-based advertising?




Let’s start with the most important question: what is keyword-based advertising? Simply put, it means performing research to pinpoint a few fundamental keywords and then using these online to improve your search engine advertising.

First of all, you need to identify the keyword searches that are most applicable to what your business is offering. In the world of internet casinos, for example, this might be ‘online bingo’ or ‘online slots’. One of the most popular online bingo sites, uses the former repeatedly in its marketing efforts. This helps Google to identify your audience and point them in the right direction.

However, it’s not as simple as using the word onsite; you can (and should) bid to ensure that your ads rank highly when consumers search for these keywords. While this does cost money, it also acts as an online signpost of sorts, helping potential purchasers find their way to you.
The entire concept of search engine optimization is underpinned by keywords, and choosing the right ones really can make or break your campaign.

Bidding on keywords

As the gambling industry’s most successful businesses understand, effective marketing costs money. It’s no good trying to do it on a budget because this will never yield the sort of results you need it to.

So bidding is a necessary evil, and you need to select your keywords with care. These should be as relevant to your business and your onsite content as possible. The closer you stick to this rule, the greater your ROI will be.

Try to build your online advertising campaign around these words. For example, when crafting the ads you’ll feature, use your chosen keywords as the foundations the rest of your text is built upon. This will ensure their relevance and create a more organic and authentic campaign.

Once visitors see your ad and click on this through the search engine results page, you’ll be billed the amount you bid on that word – this is known as pay-per-click advertising. If your ad is especially high quality, Google may even reward you with a discount.

Selecting your keywords

selecting keywords
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Now, onto the question you really want answering: how do you choose and then use these keywords? There’s lots of software out there to help you, and this can be a really worthwhile investment. That’s because, often, the most obvious and popular keywords are also the most competitive (and costly).

But we told you that you’ll need to spend on an effective campaign. We’ll hold our hands up and admit that we did, but that doesn’t mean we want to bankrupt you. While keyword marketing is worth investing in, the reality is that you’ll most likely be marketing on a budget.

For the major players in the online gambling industry, this is less of a worry, but theirs is still an incredibly competitive field. The workaround? Long-tail keywords. These tend to be less sought after and therefore less expensive, yet they’re no less relevant – in fact, they might even be more so.

Let’s assume you’re a florist based in Surrey. While lots of other companies will be targeting keywords like ‘florist’, ‘flowers’, and ‘bouquets’, less of them will be aiming for ‘florist in Surrey’ specifically, so this is your way in.

Targeting these sweet spots has lots of upsides: it costs less, actually enhances your relevance in search results, and will typically deliver a far higher ROI too.

What are you waiting for? Follow in the footsteps of the online gambling industry and take advantage of carefully-targeted keywords today.

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