The Top 4 Watched Sports at The Moment

Whether you are a sports fan, sportswriter, or simply like to follow your favorite sport and keep as up-to-date as you can, then this article is for you. The fact that e-sports is now one of the most-watched and interacted with sports in the world has begun to show the changes that this society is undergoing. This article shows just how much this society loves sports.

Here the top watched sports of the moment are discussed, and it is detailed why these sports are so popular and how they have maintained this popularity over the long term.

Football or soccer

It’s a constant winner on the list of the most-watched sport in the world. These are the figures for real live football matches across the globe, both professional and social. It is the most widely played and watched sport ever. Then every 4 years over half the world’s population will also tune in to watch the Football World Cup being played even if their country hasn’t made it to the finals.

There are fan clubs set up in major cities and everyone has a favorite team to follow. Soccer has also developed online and watching FIFA or other online football or soccer-based games has simply served to further spread the game across the globe and the internet as well.


Watching competitive gaming online has become one of the most-watched sports of all time. The viewing figures of the latest League of Legends World Championship or the number of people playing and watching Fortnite and DOTA at any time is a clear sign that this form of gaming is here to stay.

There is an online game for everyone and most of them can be competitive if played against others. It also includes watching poker as it is played at the online casinos and the online worldwide competitions. You can play the same games at places like casinoroar casino and in fact, many who play at the online casino also spend time watching others play.

The Tour de France

It may only be a cycling race but it is one of the most-watched and followed sports events in the world. At any one given time, there are 3.5 billion people watching the Tour de France. Then you have cycling forums and tournaments throughout the year that lead up to this race that is also followed intensely by those who love this sport.


There may have been a time when basketball didn’t make this list as it was predominantly watched and played in North America, however, it has now spread across the globe as streaming of live sports has allowed more people to follow their teams and heroes no matter what where they live. There have also been various leagues across the world that have been set up and although they don’t challenge the superiority of the NBA on television, they serve to create local pockets of interest and support for a game that has indeed gone global.

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